1. PhxFire


    So I need to create a dwarven city/ mine in my game and for this I need lots of dwarf NPC's... Does anyone know of anywhere with a set of Dwarf generator parts? I've seen a few on this site but nothing with any complete sets, they seem to be either just for face sheets or just for sprites. Also...
  2. Guardinthena

    Free Resource Content

    I've created a lot of different resources for RPG Maker VX Ace over the years and I thought it was finally time I start sharing them with the community. Most of what I've created are repaints of resources found within the game itself or carefully crafted new items of existing pieces. As such...
  3. Dwarf Walk sprites

    Resource Type: Walk sprite Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description:  I need walk animation graphics for these Dwarf characters created by Closet. I need it for all three dwarves. It will be for a Commercial game. Reference Images...
  4. Archeia

    ReStaff May 2013

    Welcome everyone to the May 2013 ReStaff Release! This month is pretty good with all the diversity. And of course we have tons of new music and surprises for everyone! Because of the Ongoing Pixel Madness, 2 entries here aren't disclosed. Thanks to our lovely Guest Contributors and ReStaffers...

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