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  1. Trihan

    In Development: Dynamic Bestiary

    Ahoy, sports fans! I'm dusting off a project that was on hiatus for a bit, because I think it will potentially be a great addition to the public script compendium. I give you...the dynamic bestiary! So what's a dynamic bestiary, Trihan? I'm glad you asked! Simply put, it's a compendium of...

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Doing RPG Maker News for 16th September 2021

Stream is live! I am currently doing pixel art and will be practicing shading! Feel free to drop by!
wow, Surface Tension is really one MF of an FPS level huh
So, I got let go from my current job because my skill set didn't align with the department's goals anymore. I have some hope, because I am currently in contact with a manager from a different department, and they are desperate for more employees. We'll see what happens... :kaoswt:
Worked on some face-sets. Need to finish up the lot and cut some out of the game. She's looking pretty cute.

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