early development

  1. Yunan

    RMMV Orion's Tower [Early Stage]

    Welcome to the Development Page of Orion's Tower! Orion's Tower is a fantasy based RPG Maker game that has been brought into the table after thinking of the story for a long long time now. I'm a huge fan of the Zenonia Series and Inotia as well, so I'm trying to achieve a similar aesthetics as...
  2. Jonetsubara

    RMMV Secrets Keep

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis: After a horrific murder at St.Garden University, Angela Parks, a second year Fine Arts and Illustration student, wakes up in an eerie and mysterious version of her school with no recollection as to how she got there or why. Except, she’s not alone. Ophelia...
  3. gigaswardblade

    3 seperate stories in 1 game. good or bad?

    ever since deciding that i wanna make my first game in RPG maker, I've wanted the first game in my (hopefully prosperous) game series to actually have 3 seperate stories with 3 main characters in 1 whole game. (and then sometimes separating the party members from 1 another and playing as the...
  4. Giovanni Lightblade

    Crystallia Chronicles

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop in and expose myself! (And I hope i'm writing this in the right forum) I've been working on a project for about 2 years now. What started as a small little funny game about me and my friends turned into something much bigger than I ever imagined it to be...
  5. KillerGin

    Killer Gin

    I am currently developing Killer Gin. My original IP that will consist of a series of books and game releases. This game will release with the book, Killer Gin, by the end of 2016 on PC, MAC, Android Devices, and iPhone. The world is set in a fantasy setting where a new race of beings have...
  6. Twisted_Warlok

    Just a small request, can you access my game from your browser?

    Thanks in Advance RPGMaker Community! I would just like to know if you guys can reach my game at http://sot.no-ip.biz:7960 ? If so, thanks! If not, please let me know what browser you're using! If you get lag, let me know what browser you're using and if that's something that happens with other...
  7. Plus1Attack

    Dungeon Heroes: Seekers of the Crystal Star

    The Official     Early Project Feedback Thread     An early overview of the project plan involving plot, characters, world, mechanics, design and more.  A quick disclaimer that I'm using almost entirely original RPG Maker VX Ace materials, including DS and DS+ resource packages by choice.  The...

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I'm currently playing Ara Fell - I can see why it's had generally good reviews. The exploration aspect is pretty strong and the writing is passable.

The game auto-saves and offers an option to turn back just before each major combat, and immediately brings the player back to the last position saved when there's a TPK. Convenient at the very least.

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