1. nlolotte

    Animated Battle Backgrounds

    I know this has been asked a million times but does anyone know where I can find a plug in for animated battle backgrounds similar to earthbound. I have searched on the forums and google both of which come up dry. I know this can be done but can't find the script :(
  2. flakeygm

    Does anyone know if there`s a script or plugin for an Earthbound/ Mother 3 -like Battle System?

    When I was thinking about the two standard battle systems included within RMMV gave me the idea to use a battle system similar to the one used in the Mother Series :kaopride:, but when I started looking around online to find one there were only ones made for VX or VX-ACE and since those two do...
  3. sadsaxboy

    Cartoony RTP Request

    Resource Type: Full or at least partially complete RTP Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Cartoon, something close to Earthbound Description: I'd like to create a game similar to the MOTHER series and I don't have the resources for this. It doesn't need to be 100% identical to the game's...
  4. FKAexe

    RMMV KI(N)DS - An extraterrestrial RPG.

    KI(N)DS Is an indie RPG that focuses on comedy, weird enemies, a rare set of characters, and a bunch of strangely independent frogs. ----------------- Marcus and his bookworm pseudo-friend Damon embark on an adventure to find Marcus' young brother Al, who has been kidnapped by aliens, forming a...
  5. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    2/25/2017 Update: A new version of the demo has been released! Enjoy! The Long Road is a heartwarming, hilarious and (sometimes) tragic Adventure RPG scheduled to release in Q3 2017 on Steam. At least 5% of all proceeds will go directly to fund no-kill animal shelters! The game features 100%...
  6. EFizzle


    Tungsten Tungsten is an RPG inspired by the Earthbound/Mother series and it's also very loosely inspired by Pokemon as well. It's a short game, roughly 30 minutes of content, but it should still be fun and enjoyable! Story The game takes place in the town of Tungsten in the year 20XX. You...

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