1. Avery

    Smooth autotiles - a 5 minute hack to nice transitions

    I see a lot people having struggle with that, so here is a quick and easy solution I wanted to share. Step 1: There is this tile in Dungeon_A2 - cut it out. Step 2: Duplicate it two times and merge the 3 layers. Step 3: and Add your two terrains as seperate layers. Step 4: Add a...
  2. RPG_itch_Studio

    Plug&Play Vibrato battlers [part 5]

    Hi all! Vibrato battlers have been around for quite a while now, but still few RPG makers decide to use them. One reason might be the lack of "plug and play" way of use. If you go to Vibrato's page, you will come to the conclusion that you need a photo editor (like Photoshop, etc.) to create a...
  3. Uzuki

    Looking For Feedback On My "Story Mode" Setting

    In my game, Princess in a Bind, there are two modes that you will be able to pick from at the start of the game: Story Mode: Applies a buff that makes battles easier, certain enemy skills and mechanics won't be used to make battles faster and easier, Save anywhere not just in certain areas...
  4. Gravemaster

    Minor Quick-Save script Upgrade

    I'm posting the script here, since other threaders have custom-modified the original for me in the past and you won't find this version anywhere else on the net. Basically I just want to rename the save file that this script uses (the second) into "Quick-Save", so that the player can instantly...
  5. Emmel

    What is the easiest Rpg maker Game engine!!!

    Hello!!! I just started today, and I wanted to ask you a question. What is the best  RPG MAKER that is easy, and also having a unique battling system then rather having the same rpg battling. Sorry if i'm asking so much from your opinion, but it's about to be my Birthday and I don't want...
  6. Leon Kennedy

    Easy RTP Plugin Edits Guide For Beginners

    Hi there, are you looking to do some very quick self edits for different features in RPGMV? Well you came to the right place. First off for complete beginners that may be new to MV or may of used VXA but this is your first time with MV you will want to go to your project folder of the game you...
  7. MP Abuse

    I know somebody could do this in a snap, but I am bad at events and scripts and whatnot. I'd like to make a mechanic(?) where if an actor uses a certain percent of their MP, It will stop regenerating. (Each actor regens 1 MP each turn by default.) Again, I'm pretty sure I could do this with just...
  8. _Shadow_

    [VX Ace] Parallax mapping. The very first! How it works.

    If you know how to make good maps, but not have an idea on how parallax mapping works, then this tutorial is for you. It doesn't show how to make great maps, that has been shown well already by other tutorials here and there. But I found out that it was somewhat intimmidatating for me to set a...
  9. Easy Mac Porting

    Tons of people have asked how to port a game to OS X. More than you'd think. The answers provided are not always clear. Here is an easy way to port any RPG Maker game, and it takes less than 10 minutes. Things you will Need: 1. Wineskin This is what we will use to convert the Game Files to a...
  10. Carri

    Gift Box with Playable Music Box Tutorial for Beginners

    Gift Box with Playable Music Box Tutorial for Beginners by Carrigon sims2Workshop.com Beginners Level This tutorial gives several lessons in one. We are in a small escape the room scenario. The door is locked. Maybe what's inside the giftbox can help us unlock the door. I'm going to show you...
  11. Creative Ed

    Busted's Resources!

                                                                                         Hello fellow RMers! You may know me from some other topics I've started here at the forums, such as Busted Ed's Tips n' Tricks, or Very Easy Light Effects. But Today I'm here for a different matter. I'll be...
  12. Rodvard

    Two way doors inside! (Eventing with Default RPGMVXA)

    MAJOR REVAMP & UPDATE: Following the amazing interest and feedback on my little post I have remade this guide in full and streamlined my events code. Please see my step by step guide below on doors and the video I made on it at the bottom of this post (1min 15sec). Hello wonderful people! I...
  13. Creative Ed

    Very Easy Improved Water Animation Tutorial

    Hey guys! As allways I'm here to teach you a very very easy way for you to improve your water animations. In fact, it's so easy you don't have to do almost anything! This tutorial is Beginner Friendly. After the tutorial you'll have your water looking like this: So Let's Start! First...
  14. Blair Pendragon

    Easy 5+ choice event menus guide!

    Hello everyone! This quick guide is for all the newer people, who have all wondered if it's possible to allow the player to choose from more than 4 options, when in an event. I've seen some people just make the last choice "Next" and on the last set of choices, make it loop back to the top 4...
  15. Creative Ed

    BustedEd's Tips 'n Tricks - Last Version

    Busted Ed's Tips 'n Tricks Last Version Content List Below are the systems you can learn in this demo. Video: Terms of use: Aside from a few graphics that weren't made by me (I'll point out the examples where they're at) You are free to use the contents of this demo in any project...
  16. Creative Ed

    Very Easy Lighting Effects Tutorial

    I'm here to teach you a very very easy way of doing lighting effects without using any kind of script or complicated stuff. This tutorial is Beginner Friendly. After this tutorial you'll have something like this: So Let's Start! #1 - Set up your map and place an event of a fire...
  17. Tuomo L

    Simplistic way to make basic memory puzzle

    There's many ways to make memory puzzles but here's one that I used in Save your Mother. Making basic memory puzzles Featuring Alice Andersson Step 1: Planning To do this, you'll have to decide how many events your player has to remember. Generally anything bellow 4 is useless and...

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