1. DeyJay5

    Problem with importing custom character graphics? (RPG Maker VX Ace)

    I currently have a problem which is driving me up the wall. If anyone could help me with this I would be so grateful. My problem is that whenever I import custom "character" graphics, the display is always just a little bit off. Example in this picture below: (the part that has been circled is...
  2. Cleru87

    Final Fantasy like Row System. (RPG maker MV)

    Heyah! I just wondering if any of you know what plugin I can use to have a row system like the FF series have. I already have "Row Formation" Plugin by Yanfly but the Actor's position is not my type. It's too confusing, I don't get the syntax..... But if you guys know how to change it, be my...
  3. Otto

    RE Menu: "Do not Drop" & "Replace Use" commands addons/edit

    Solved Howdy, My edited RE Menu was basically done, aside from some very minor visual tweaks, when a new idea (well, two ideas actually) bugged my head, and so - in turn - I decided to bug you guys as well :D So, originally I removed the "Discard" commands, because I want the player to manage...
  4. Dungeonmind

    Edit for how Element Rates work in MV

    Hi there I need to change how element rates work in the database. So if I set 20% resistance to fire then the player would take 20% less damage from fire. If they had two equipment pieces on with 20% Resistance set to fire then they would add together for a total of 40% resistance to fire which...
  5. Kentaro_

    Kouske's MV Edits and Stuff

    Hello, I make some Edits from RTP. This is my first time, to use a graphic program :o Terms: Free to use for any Projects. Please Credit "Kouske" or "Kentaro" Edits also free to use with the RPG Maker MV. Credits goes to Enterbrain/Kadokawa -Kouske
  6. Nightblade50

    I need health gauges in my menu.

    Welcome. I very much hope that, whoever you are, you are a scripter, because I am in need of help. I have a menu in my game composed of Nicke's advanced menu script, and Galv's bust menu. I have combined them then edited them slightly to work for me. Since I cannot send you the edits directly...
  7. Nightblade50

    Giving edits of DLC if the person has purchased it?

    I have a little question. Can I edit DLC that costs money, then make a thread for it on the forums, but not distribute it freely - instead, tell people that if they want it, they should PM me with proof of purchase? Is that legal?
  8. Alilali

    Alilali's random MV stuff

    Here some edits I made playing with the original sprites. I'm remaking the ones I made on VXace but for MV using the MV ones. Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Alilali and kadokawa Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free (they are edits after all) Repost: no Edits: allowed, but credit me and show me...
  9. Nightblade50

    Adding Actor Name to Ex. HUD

    Hi. I am using Galv's Explorer HUD here. https://galvs-scripts.com/2012/11/05/explorers-hud/ So it shows the current states of the actor right above the weapon equipped. But I want it to show the actor name instead of the states, but in the same place. Galv has a screenshot of the HUD on the...
  10. AdamSakuru

    YEP Victory Aftermath Level Up - Omit Specific Skills? [SOLVED]

    http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/16/yep-59-aftermath-level-up/ Is it possible to omit specific skills from showing in the level up window?
  11. Mesajia

    Mesajia's GenParts (RTP Edits and Originals) (Updated 03/28/18)

    Hello together, I want to share some smaller edits with you. Since I'm not good enough to make my own, they are quite basic. But I hope some of you need them aswell :) Since these are mostly edits from the RTP you must credit Kadokawa. If you want to, you can also credit me as Mesajia. You can...
  12. AdamSakuru

    Worked on this on and off for the last few months [Video]

    Came across some old footage of a sorta podcast/let's play thing I tried to do with some friends. We didn't have a proper microphone at the time so I've animated subtitles to it and edited the whole thing down to the best parts. Also improved the audio quality a bit too. There's some light...
  13. Mouad

    Mouad's Resources

    Hey everyone, this is my first thread here so I apologize if I did something wrong or anything. These are stuff I worked on when I was bored so nothing too good. still hope they'll be any use to any of you. Covered Eyes Actor 1-5: Enjoy!
  14. Vis_Mage

    Dark Cloud Weapon System: Small Edits

    Hey! :kaohi: I was hoping someone could help me out with a couple small edits to this Dark Cloud Weapon script: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/2779-darkcloud-weapon/ 1. As it is, all items can be broken down to upgrade weapons, exept for items/weapons/armor with the <no sytnh> tag, which...
  15. Nutty171

    [RTP Edit] Water D beach with Water E water

    Resource type: Tile edits Maker format: MV Art style: MV RTP Description: I want a water tiles where the water is the "Water E (Port)" water, but it has the land is from "Water D (Sand)" It has to be able to transition seamlessly into the Water E tiles. (p.s. also it needs to be animated. :P)...
  16. Nutty171

    [RTP Edit] Nutty's Cliff Edits

    Hi all, I decided I wanted cliff tiles similar to in the Pokémon games, in my game, so I made some! :kaopride: Credit: Kadokawa, and Nutty171 if you feel like it. Non-Commercial: Free, duh. Commercial: Free, duh Repost: Go ahead. But don't claim that you made it. Because you didn't. Edits: Go...
  17. Nutty171

    Larger Crystal

    Resource type: Tile edits Maker format: MV Art style: MV RTP Description: Literally just the "Large Crystal" in the RTP dungeon B tileset except it's upscaled to 2x4 instead of 1x2. (I don't want it to be pixelated) Reference:
  18. Miseryfactory77

    Sprite Edit for Vibratos aldo needed

    I am sure that some of you may be familiar with his work https://twitter.com/vibrato08?lang=en more of which is displayed here http://p3x774.web.fc2.com/. Anyways I liked how sprites for the cover art characters so have started using them anyways I noticed the female characters are all very...
  19. Miseryfactory77

    Spritesheet help

    Hi Everyone I was not sure where to ask this question but I was currently getting into gimp to create and edit resources etc. So anyways because of a certain plugin that I have installed the spritesheets had to be changed. as you can see from & They are 2 different spritesheets now I am...
  20. Miseryfactory77

    Gimp Graphic modification help

    Hi everyone I was not sure the correct place but had questions as it related to the image editing software gimp. I am somewhat competant in gimp and have used it to edit spritesheets in the past but needed help with something which may involve layering etc and was wondering if anybody could help...

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