1. shadefoundry

    The 2k3 Nostalgia Pit

    Hello all, I did these for a project I'm working on but it was brought to my attention that others might like to have them too, so today I bring you pretty much the entire RPG Maker 2003 RTP resized and formatted to work with VXAce. Included are: All of the Monster Battlers All of the...
  2. Vis_Mage

    Theo - Smithing: Cost Edit

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me with a small edit to Theo's Smithing script. As it stands, it costs gold to upgrade your weapons. Would it be possible to change the cost to an item instead (or better yet, both?)
  3. ArcheoFox

    ArcheoFox MV EDITED Resource-Collection (Graphics)

    Welcome to my "Edited Resource-Collection" (My english isn't good and my native language is french.) ~~~ Terms of Use for ~~~ :thumbsup-left::thumbsup-left::thumbsup-left: MV EDITED ArcheoFox Resources :thumbsup-right::thumbsup-right::thumbsup-right: - Please credit myself with this name...
  4. Kes

    Small face edit (mouth) needed

    For some reason what should be a straightforward edit is coming out all wrong for me. I need this face to have a smile - not a broad grin, just an ordinary smile. Could anyone help me out? Thanks.
  5. ThePotatoOfFire

    Potato's Fiery Edits & Creations (Trees!)

    Hey there! I've gotten pretty good at mixing up RTP stuff to make new stuff, so I thought I'd share my frankensteins, for example: Restaraunt booths! For use against walls and stuff. Looks weird without something against it. All are edits of the original RTP, so a legal MV license is required...
  6. King Galaxian

    A Windowskin

    Hey all! I posted a thread in the resource requests section months ago asking for a celtic lattice border for my windowskin for my rpg, The Lost Memoirs. One person offered to help if no one else did, but I have yet to hear back from them months later. So, I took it upon myself to make one...
  7. Vis_Mage

    Vlue's Enchant System Edits

    Hello! I'm looking to have a couple of edits made to Sixth's Enchant System (Based off of Vlue's Randomizer system). The first edit has to do with the tag <enchant hide>. By default, any items/weapons/armor with this tag will be hidden from the enchant scene. I'm hoping that this can...
  8. InkPotion

    Painted Tileset

    Hello! I was working on resizing and redrawing the RPGmaker mv default tileset (and a few original bits!) It's in a painted style and larger for upsized sprites. I hope someone can find these useful! Terms of Use: *EDIT!* Updated credit, please credit me as RunePotion. Moving...
  9. NeoFantasy

    Injured Sprite.

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone wouldwould be able to make this sprite look as if she were limping while walking, perhaps with a bit of blood on her leg as well. If this is impossible to do with Ace's sprite, instead of her leg being injured it would be her arm (With her supporting it)...
  10. mara_vertin

    RTP Edits

    Hello everybody! Well, I hope I do this right (and nobody did this already...) ... Just made some litte edits on the RTP and wanted to share. Free to use both commercial and non-commercial. You must own RPG Maker MV and credit Kadokawa (of course). :) I thought the grass looks a...
  11. Kip

    Editing the Character Generator

    Hello! it's me, back again, trying to do things that RPG Maker MV would rather I not do~ Today, we are making changes to the Default character Generator built in to RPG Maker MV! wooo! You see, it has come to my attention that the RPG maker software's limitations make in game characters be...
  12. Changing Color Codes and Icons in menu

    Firstly i apologize for this (probably) not being in the right spot. Anyways - how would i go about changing the color and even icons in the menu? Ex: G is the default color and symbol for gold. How would i do something like, say, R for rubies? Or even put a Ruby symbol there in place?
  13. Cvrtis

    Problems with 'spoilers' and 'quotes'

    In new forum design I have a few problems with adding and editing comments and posts. First af all because new design is not adopted for tablets. 1. I can not move and delete a 'spoiler' frame via tablet; 2. I can not move and delete a 'quote' frame via tablet (there is a problem with...
  14. Shenic

    Am I allowed to edit the RTP resources?

    I'm making a game in MV for commercial purposes. I want to recolor some resources or even put some extra stuff in them, like wings in some sprites or battlers, am I allowed to do that?
  15. jonthefox

    Simple Edit for XP's "Lancer2" RTP battler

    Hey all, I am requiring a simple edit that I am putting out here first before going to the classifieds.    It's really simple:  for the "Lancer2" Battler in XP, I want him wielding a sword instead of the spear.   Now, the way his hands are positioned, he would not be holding it in the same...
  16. Mesajia

    Mesajias RTP-Edits

    Hey everybody, I decided to share some of my future RTP-edits with you in the hope, that they will come in handy for someone. At first I want to two divided Tilesets for Winter and Summer. You can now simply copy your map and exchange the C-E file for the season you want. As you can see...
  17. HeroDude

    Fort and Tower Battleback Recolors

    I am planning to have some grey stone forts and towers in my game, and MV's standard fort and tower battlebacks didn't really work too well for that in my opinion. So, I did some simple editing and thought I might share them in case anyone else might have a use for them as well. So without...
  18. RTP-Style Battlers Requested (MV)

    I have been browsing around the forums quite a bit the past couple of days, and have especially been looking for battlers to use in my first project. I like the RTP style for RMMV, so I want to use the battlers originally included in the database, but they are too few in number to provide nearly...
  19. Rainbow Jello

    RTP Custom Side View Battler Guns

    Here are some various guns I made using the default color palette for pistols. I think they turned out pretty neat. Credit Rainbow Jello and Enterbrain if you use them.
  20. cadencefire

    Cadence's Original and RTP Edits (6/22 UPDATE)

    Hello! I have edited some of the RTP files for more detailed maps! I used arcthemonkey's tutorial to help me figure out how to make a slanted roof. Check it out if you want to know how to do it yourself. I've included a sample map to show what you can do using all of the resources I've put down...

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