1. Faceset/Charset Edit Request [MV]

    Hello all! I am looking for some mods to be done on these sets that I made in the RPG Maker MV generator. I'm trying to make a sprite based on a person here so I do have pretty specific ideas. This character needs to have a small brown spot in her right eye in the lower right area. I have an...
  2. Ms Littlefish

    Noise Removal from MV Audio Base Resources

    Hey there, guys! I don't know who else has noticed, but when listening through much of the MV audio through headphones there is an ever present hissing noise. This is especially noticeable in soft songs and non looping sounds such as MEs and SEs. Anyway, no need to babble. It's rather easy to...
  3. LeeOccleshaw

    Runic Enchantment and Yanfly Passive States?

    Hey, I am wondering if anyone could take the time to modify the Runic Enchantment script to read the <Passive state> notetag from Yanfly's script. That would open up a lot of possibilities for my game so if anyone has the time and patience to help, I'd greatly appreciate it. UPDATE:  Uh oh - it...
  4. Can you edit (and to what degree)?

    Hello there, sorry if this has already been answered or if this isn't the place to post it (I RARELY start topics... :) ). Anyways, I think what I'm trying to find out here, is if you could edit something like a sprite, face, or portrait (maybe graphics / anything in general really...), from...
  5. tsu

    Recoloured maids- Lovelive and others

    Since I don't find a lot of VXAce maids other than the default, I decided to edit the original because my game needs quite a few maids and I don't want them all to look identical lol   Buuuuut.... It got out of hand and I started making some Lovelive themed ones. Because I didn't feel like...
  6. NeoFantasy

    Simple sprite annimation needed

    Hey guys I need someone to make this sprite animate like she's pulling up her hood to  I don't need all poses just facing down Thank you in advance :D
  7. _Shadow_

    [Luna Engine Question] :Change position of Exp window in Status display.

    My game is built upon "Etrian" Luna Engine premade project, the one with the fancy purple and lilac interface. Now I was wondering, can we change the position of the sub window that shows up the Current Exp and To Next lvl? It is in the Status window, after selecting actor. What I wanna...
  8. tsu

    flooded tiles and bloodied edited sprites (quadruple?) request

    I hope i'm not requesting too much in this post, I just don't wanna spam the forum and I need a few things :) all of this is for rpg maker vx ace btw I'm planning on having a house more or less flood after an earthquake, but I can't find any tiles for it does anyone know where I can find...
  9. NeoFantasy

    Need a face edited

    Hey everyone, me again. So I've been trying to do this my self for about three days now but for lack of a better term, I suck at art. What I need is for someone to edited this image so that there's a bandage around her right eye (not an eyepatch). The bandage should look something like this...
  10.  Nova

    Dashing sprite

    Hi! I'm requesting an edit to make this character look like it's running/dashing:  (I would really appreciate if no one would steal this sprite)  No matter how hard I try, it always comes out looking weird :I Well, thanks in advance!
  11. Udlice

    Pearl ABS Liquid : Edit (Quick tool selection menu)

    Hi, I'm using Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid script. (https://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/category/pearl-abs-liquid/) In-game, using this script, when you press the N key, you acess the quick tool selection menu. It look like this : It shows The selected character, a submenu, the skills learned...
  12. Dirge

    RTP Face Edit Request [SOLVED]

    EDIT: Solved, I've hired the amazingly talented Lihntendo to handle this for me! Hello, folks! I'm looking for a few edits to one of the RTP actor faces. Namely, Ralph. I need five versions of the face, to match these sprites: Note that in the second sprite, his eyes are purplish instead...
  13. Donutdude

    Diagonal Edit to sprite

    Hi everyone! I've tried my hand at making a diagonal edit to my character, but to no avail. It always comes out looking off. I would really appreciate it if someone could edit this sprite to make it having diagonal directions suitable for the XAS ABS battle system. Thank you in advance to...
  14. Tralse

    In-game menu editing

    Hey guys, I want a really minimalistic menu for my game because I won't have much use for the other options such as the stats and equipment any idea on how I could get something like this? I tried using some script, I can't remember what it was called, but that make it more complicated and it...
  15. lemongreen

    Help with a sprite edit

    Hey, I would like some help with a sprite edit. I started it at least: I'd like for it to match this face (it doesn't have to be perfect): As said, don't worry about making it perfect, I'm just going to be using it for a few cutscenes. (to be honest, I might just recolor the rest of the...
  16. hadoc

    can be edit the text of the events of the game?

    Very good, I'm starting to VXACE and wanted to know if you can somehow edit text of the events created from outside the program. for example, checking spelling, change the language of the game, for example using Notepad ++.
  17.  Nova

    Pikachu's graphics

    Welcome to my page of resources! I felt like I needed to contribute back to the community, so I'll post some resources here. It isn't much at the moment, but I'll add more later! :) RTP edits:  Gameovers/Titles/Pictures Windows You can use these for both commercial and non-commercial...
  18. lemongreen

    Downed/sick sprite

    I've been trying to do this myself but it's just slightly above my pixel art skills at the moment... I'm working with this sprite at the moment: (originally from here) I'd prefer for the sprite to look like he's crawling (this is what I'm having problems with) He should be facing to the...
  19. Request for sprite of sleeping character (VX/Ace)

    I was hoping I could get a sleeping sprite for a character made in VX\Ace's character creator.  The scene in question has her sleeping on hard ground while camping for the night, if that matters. Original sprite: Thanks!
  20. RPG_Lover

    RPG_Lover's World of Art

    I am RPG_Lover, And I would like to let everyone know what I used to do back in VX.net before it became R.I.P! I enjoyed Editing already made images. That should inform you enough that the images I am about to show you are edited from what I managed to find. I used the RTP of VX images so...

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