1. RPG_Lover

    RPG_Lover's World of Art

    I am RPG_Lover, And I would like to let everyone know what I used to do back in VX.net before it became R.I.P! I enjoyed Editing already made images. That should inform you enough that the images I am about to show you are edited from what I managed to find. I used the RTP of VX images so...
  2. Disarmed

    Addon to Tsukihime's Shop Manager

    Maybe if Tsukihime would like to add this or if someone could make this, but I would really like an addon to an addon. In Hime's "Sell-Only Shop" addon for Shop Manager, I would really like it so that you can buy items along with sell certain items as well. So you can buy items and also sell...
  3. Ink-Dragon

    Legality of editing sprites?

    Is it legal for someone who doesn't own the RPG maker to edit sprites from it for others to use? A family member of mine is much better than me at sprite-art, but doesn't own the RPG maker themselves, so we're not sure if they would be allowed to edit the rtp sprites for me to use.
  4. Vis_Mage

    Alternate MP script fixes

    Hello!~ I am wondering if someone could help me make a couple of small fixes to a script I am using, which is Alternate MP (Link: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/213-alternate-mp-x-v105-demo-now-here/ ). In short, the script allows for me to set different verriations of MP to be used in...
  5. Chinomi

    Face graphics for use

    Hopefully someone likes them and would like to use them ^^ Going to make more of these if someone likes them. Edit Update: Made one with few emotions and the green haired lady is drawn by me ^^"  Feedback would be warmly welcome.  :)
  6. EliteKilljoy

    Need Sprites/Faces

    Hey!  I'm making a fantasy-type game, but not with humans.  The idea is to have Journey-type creatures as the characters. Here are some reference photos: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Obviously it would have to be slightly different because of copyright purposes and...
  7. SomaelCK

    Please help me editing/fixing Yanfly's FTB system.

    Hello. I have been using Yanfly's Free Turn Battle System in my game. A simple, but fantastic script. However, I found two annoying glitches and my limited knowledge in scripting prevent me from fixing them. Help me out please :) - If you press -> to switch between characters, the turn is...
  8. Shelby

    XP Grappler Battler edit

    This is a battler edit we did a few years back, thought I would post it for some variety. It's from RPG maker XP. He's like a vampire!
  9. diablodevil2

    Actor Sprites in the Base Battle Window

    Hello!  Working on a project, I'm realizing that I'd really like a slightly modified version of the standard battle system to work with. Namely, there are a few features, all graphical, that I'd like to work in. But, I'd have to request the help of a more talented and experienced person then...
  10. Caitlin

    Caitlin's Graphical World

    NOTE: If you wish to support my goal of releasing free graphics and you wish to 'DONATE' money to me, please PM me and I will give you my paypal information. But please note that this is not necessary, however, if you release a game commercially, you must give me the option of taking a free...
  11. Lorenze

    Yanfly Skill Restriction - Minor FTB Edit

    EDIT: Nevermind, I was just being dumb. Carry on. Hey guys. I'm using a combination of Yanfly's battle engine with Free Turn Battle and his skill restrictions script, among others. This is all fine and dandy, except for one small thing concerning cooldowns and warmups. In the default battle...
  12. Stormrider

    Making your own tilesets and other images

    I've tried searching, but I have yet to find a good tutorial or explanation on how to MAKE your own tiles.  Other people have plenty of splendid tiles and sprites, but I'd like to be ABLE to make my own.  Case in point, I give myself permission to use my tiles for a commercial project.  Know...
  13. CrypticCuddler

    A Sexy Seer please!

    Hiya everyone, I'm dragging my feet to get back on track with the game, and I could really use some help from the community again for graphics. This is a fairly big request though. First of all... - In the DS resources, there are seers. The redhaired male catches my eye but still isn't...
  14. Will_The_Ghost

    Sprite Question 2

    So I did a little work on my sprites after my last post. My sprites have shrunk increasingly. Now they look like they could work for RPG Maker XP. There are some sprites from projects including: Uplift Colonization Ark Fatherland Would these work better? Because I think there is a script...
  15. Demolion

    Big Face Edit

    hello guys i wanted to request an edit on the big face/portrait of actor 2-2 What i wanted is someting like this:  in other words i want that kind of eyes and mouth in this: thanks in advance :)
  16. RarehunterX

    3 resource pages

    Hello, here are a few interesting sites that I wanted to share  1. contains edited RTP Sprites. http://eurs.blog65.fc2.com/blog-category-1.html#entry 2. contains some Monster-Human char-sets, face-sets,and front view battle sprites http://makapri.web.fc2.com/top.html  3. contains...
  17. jporter917

    Yanfly Engine Ace - Active Chain Skills v1.01

    I am using Yanfly Active Chain Skill script and I am in need of some help with a few edits. I want to change how the chain system work slightly, I can't seem to change the input key to active a chain; as well I am wanting to add a graphic indicting which key to press for input, successful and...
  18. lemongreen

    Need a bust age-progressed

    This is probably bit of a... out there request. See, I'd like to segment the story in my game a bit by adding past and present portions (of about a 20 or so difference) and most of the other character busts work just fine for this except one. (bust is from here) If possible I'd like somebody...
  19. captainproton

    Captain Proton's Graphics

    Hi there! I figured, since I've made use of the amazing resources members have contributed here, I should start sharing some of the stuff I've made, too. I will have more to come, but right now I just have some faceset edits I've made for my game. Some are edits I made from the RTP facesets, and...
  20. Ksi

    Menu Text Rearrangement

    Hey guys, I've been editing a script for a while now, just brute-forcing the numbers and lines to get it to look like I want, but there's two issues that have me stumped. The script/s I'm using is Fomar0153's 1-5 person Party script and Blackmorning's Base script. I'll paste both below. So...

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