1. Need slight script edit - Yami's skill shop

    So I'm using this script: http://symphonyan.org/rgss3/skill-shop/   I only use one actor though, so the actor selection screen is useless, and I'd like to see it changed to a confirmation screen. Also, I do not use gold to buy skills, so I've set the default gold to 0. Unfortunately, it still...
  2. NEED edits to these faces and this character sprite. NECESSARY for game completion.

    This is for a commercial game! If you do not want these to be sold as a part of my game, please do not respond! I need these two faces of this character edited to make her look like a cyborg. Specifically, her right eye should be a piece of metal with a small blue light in the middle, and her...
  3. thecretanhound

    Standard UI Replacement

    Hey cats,  I have my UI art assets, All I want to do is swap one for one with the Menu items currently in the game engine, will I need something like YANFLY's menu system to do this or would I just put my Png files in the systems folder and name them accordingly. If its door number two what do...
  4. Venima

    [VX Ace Character Edit] Add lantern and extend coat

    Hi guys, I'm making a horror game and am in need of a small edit for a couple of my characters. Basically the player will be holding a lantern during most (but not all) of his time in the game, and I would like this to be represented in the character graphic. The coat/jacket is also too short...
  5. Arisete™

    [Ace] Schala Battle (Idle Pose Help)

    Hello, I modified Moghunter's Schala Battle script to allow "_Dead" sprites. However, I don't know how to make a pose command for the Idle stance. Example: "_Idle"  I want to use a pose for when character's are on standby instead of them walking in place. - My Edited Version of the Script -...
  6. Luomu

    Luomu's RTP portrait/face edits

    Some simple edits: Portraits: Feel free to use. Credits would be nice. I'll update when I have get myself together to make more.
  7. AriArk

    AriArk's Save Options

    AriArk's Save Options AriArk Introduction This allows you to change two things about saving - the amount of save files and what the file name is (save1 default, change this to Hi1 or chocolate1 or something1) Features Change the amount of saves Change the save file name Change the amount of...
  8. [VXA]Need help with editing Ougi Animation ( solved - please remove it)

    This has been solved > here < i don't know if we can share the link of the other website or not,  but please remove the topic because it has been solved ...
  9. ShadowFox

    Menu Themes Engine help

    I am currently using Galv's Menu themes engine and have received permission to see if someone could help modify the script a little. I am hoping that when the "ACTORS_SHOWN = 4" is set to "ACTORS_SHOWN = 1" The option of show a Bust instead of a Face is included. Here is the script...
  10. Arisete™

    MOG Character Select (very small edit)

  11. phoenix_rossy

    Simple edit of a simple script!

    Hey guys, Icedragon, a chap who is no longer active in the community (5 years absence) once wrote a very simple script for a simple crafting system. It's pretty nice to use, the only bother is that it doesn't display a message, or make a sound effect after a successful craft! So if you're...
  12. Blackstarwolf

    Blackstarwolf's manipulations^n.n^

    Hello together^^ First my english isn't the best thing I have learned, I hope you don't kill me for it x'D Here we go, my stuff of manipulation :3 Chars: Icons: Tiles: These are all edits and I hope they are useful :3 Maybe more from the wolf later^n.n^ ->!Important!<-
  13. LightofthedimVXA

    Better Interiors (RTP-Edit, Better Aligned Furniture, Plants, Stairs and Roof Beams)

    If you care about your mapping then you're probably like me, very annoyed by the way the indoor tilesets line up against the walls and such. Well, I took it upon myself to add a new tile that had the furniture such as beds, tables, barrels, stoves, etc. and make them align with the...

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