editor mapping

  1. Miss Nile

    [CLOSEDt] Miss Nile's Editor Mapping Workshop

      UPDATE:  The workshop is now closed! Please look out for my shop in the classifieds very soon. :)     Hello everyone. :)   Introduction:   First off, please let me introduce myself. I am Miss Nile, and some of you might have already seen me posting around recently. ^^ Although I only...
  2. PixelLuchi

    [Mapping] How to get RMXP-like maps in VXAce.

    Say good-bye to parallax mapping for good. Today I'm going show you guys how to make something like this...  in Vx/Ace. It should take you less than 20 mins to do, which is a fraction of the time taken to do a similar pretty looking map using parallaxing. I'll put a video right at the bottom...
  3. PixelLuchi

    Lu-Chan's Mapping Commandments

    Luchi-chan's basic Mapping Commandments:   It's been a while since I did a tutorial, so I'm going to share some of my wisdom in creating really eye-catching maps. It will only cover basic editor mapping, but attractive maps can still be achieved even with the basic RTP ( VX or VXAce ). And...

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