1. Oscar92player

    Is it possible to work with an RMMV project folder on the MZ editor?

    Yes, yes, I know... that question may have been asked previously by countless users. But I want to know opinions or have the most accurate answers now that some time has passed since the release of RPG Maker MZ. I was wondering about it for some time, since there are a lot of RPG Maker MV...
  2. Jragyn

    RMMZ Editor Performance

    After working in RMMZ for a good long while now, I've started to notice that my editor is rather... laggy? To the point where when I click some maps that do have a number of events (between 40-80) but aren't particularly large (about 30x50), and the editor just cannot handle it- it takes so long...
  3. TenraiEmiko

    Suggestion Multi-project editing via tabs?

    For quite a while I have raised a question: Theoretically we CAN open 2 or more projects at the same time, but that would bring up another instance of RPG Maker, which is kinda inconvenient especially if there are a lot of programs (such as a web browser or Discord) running already (using the...
  4. Vis_Mage

    Bug - Editor Freeze in Options Menu

    Hello! While working in RPG Maker MV today, I ran into a strange, highly specific crash. Upon testing it several more times, the crash seems consistent. I know that this crash is super unlikely to be ran into, and that MV doesn't necessarily look likely to get any more updates at this point...
  5. Editor Lag (Regional Language issue?)

    Hi, I have been making a game on this for the past year, and it's all been done since the very start with a laggy editor, meaning it freezes on every event, or when calling any sort of database. I can guarantee it isn't a hardware problem, an OpenGL problem, a tileset-size problem, or a driver...
  6. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    Suggestion Just another rant from a RM veteran + Suggestions and Solutions

    Hello there! To be clear, this topic isn’t directed to English staff we got here, admins, mods, translators, none of them are to fault here. They did a wonderful job and created a very awesome community around. I love all of you, guys. This one is directed to the ones who made the software and...
  7. What do you find missing in the MZ editor?

    While it won't happen anytime soon, I'm thinking about learning to write some QML to add some mods to the MZ editor, so now I want to collect some ideas that might be easy, simple and small enough for me to work on. Although this might overlap with RPG Maker MZ Feedback, I want a single post...
  8. StratumChecker

    Wrong tileset displayed in editor, but fine in-game? [RPG Maker VX]

    Hey all, first time poster here. Sorry for any issues, I am not a particularly techy guy, but I am looking for some help. I am working on a project, where I am recreating a game initially made on VX (not ace) to MV by hand. However, I am coming across an issue where in the editor, the wrong...
  9. [MV + MZ] In-game editor plugin

    Hello, everyone. We're a lot to find the RPG Maker program very useful, but hard to manage, mainly because the program doesn't include any means to fix a bug with the game currently played. Also, if the notetags allow to extend parametrization of the database, it is very complex to verify if...
  10. Aerosys

    Why are so many things hard-coded in RMMV Editor?

    Hi all, not sure if my thread will lead to great improvements, but I'm just curious what others think and maybe we get a nice discussion. I wonder, why are so many options in the Maker hard-coded? For example I can live with that items could be ordinary item, weapon or armor. But why are...
  11. Load Game with Updates

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to balance my game with combinaisons of armors/weapons etc.. I have a lot of them and it's quite long to build up my characters so i decided to save a game with all my characters stuffed etc.. But my problem is when i want to change something on the editor such as...
  12. SteelAngelOpera

    How to use variables in Calculations

    Hello all, I've used RPG Maker VX and MV in the past through a friend of mine, this will be the first time I'm using it at my own work station (with the intent to eventually publish my ideas). I'm writing a script right now where the main character is at a University, and is being tested on...
  13. Animebryan

    Editor keeps crashing when editing Database for several entries without saving

    Just as the title says, the editor keeps crashing on me if I edit several entries in the database without saving for a while. This is what appears in the error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: RPGMV.exe Application Version: Application...
  14. How to select multiple events in the editor?

    I can't seem to find an answer to this one. I just have a few events I'd like to delete and another group of events I'd like to move. How do I multi-select them and delete them all at once or all together? Do I really have to move them individually?
  15. CalebW

    Making custom battle animations

    Does anyone have suggestions for software to use to make battle animations? I saw the pixi editor, but that exports a .json, which means running a separate plugin to import those files. I'm more looking for a editor that can play around with particles and images but exports as a sprite sheet...
  16. Dr.Yami

    Tilemap Editor Discuss: RMMV & Tiled Map Editor

    I have used both before, and feel both are missing something for development. What do you think about both of them? What is missing? What is needed to be improved?
  17. Custom Rpg Maker Mv editor language

    Hi there. I'd like to create a custom language for the RPGMV, ( Hungarian). The question, where i find the main language files, what need to overwrite.(standalone version). Thanks in advance if somebody could to help me ^^
  18. Putting unlimited characters in the database's input fields?

    Is there a way to do away with the harsh character limit imposed on many of the editor's text fields? i.e. the 'Basic Status' and 'Commands' fields under the 'Terms' tab only allow for a maximum of 13 characters each, which is not enough for me. I understand that this is to ensure that the text...
  19. AdamSakuru

    Animate the Default Parallax BG [Solved]

    Does anyone know if there's a plugin for MV that animates the parallax background (the one that displays under the tile-set)? I see years ago Soulpour had uploaded a plugin that did this, but I think he's inactive now and the link to it is dead. Since I haven't been able to find it, I'd like to...
  20. Issue with maps not showing in editor.

    Recently opened a game I was working on and all the maps have gone from the editor menu. When I play test the game it still works fine and all the files are in the right place they just do not show in the editor anymore and I can't figure out why.

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