1. Alkorri

    Hello to all the lovely peoples! :)

    Been lurking around two weeks and forgot to introduce myself. Oops. Hi everyone! :D I'm Alkorri. I am a Malaysian somewhat settled in Texas. I had a perfectly decent career - nine years as a journalist - before I crazily gave it all up to study creative writing degree in UK. Now I'm near...
  2. Reedo

    Proposal for Creature Creator Program (just looking for artists interested in participating - not re

    This is not a request for ideas on how to make a creature creator. This is a proposal to interested artists who would like to work on the project. I would like to create a small image editor application that allows users to choose from a selection of body parts and construct a monster image; a...
  3. RiverMonster

    Low Priority, general curiosity question: Why not sprite editor in RPGM VX Ace?

    Just curious why there is no sprite editor integrated with RPGMaker VX Ace. I know the pros have their preferred tools and tool sets and workflows. But for new users, even an editor with very basic functions seems like it would be useful. I.E. Something so I can click on a tile on my map, and...

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I picked up For The King in a Humble Bundle sale, and one mechanic that stuck out to me was a physical change to the world map when finishing a side quest. That got me thinking about special map-effect rewards for certain side quests in my game.
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