educational games

  1. Kalombi

    RMMZ Fifefer Island - An Economic Adventure

    In the mysterious world of Fifefer Island, players are transported to a place of economic adventure. To survive and thrive, learn new educational concepts and expand your abilities with a branching Tech Tree. A diverse host of characters and a variety of places to explore enriches each chapter...
  2. Educational game - license problem

    Hi guys, I'm a final year medical student and I started to work on a educational game for medical students which I would give for free with a possibility of donating money to me and people who help me with it. Because I use a lot of medical books I started to ask, if there is a problem with...
  3. Starbird_Resources

    MVQuizzer - Multiple Choice, Short Answer, True/False Engine

    *NOT FOR RELEASE IN ANY GAME OR PROJECT UNLESS EXPLICIT PERMISSION IS GRANTED* I've wrapped up an alpha for my MVQuizzer system. Essentially it's an engine that makes it easy to create Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and True/False questions. Questions (which can have audio and image components...
  4. waterrune

    RMMV Miranda in Singapore

    Hey Everyone! Singapore's National Day is coming soon! I made a game on Singapore using RPG MAKER MV. I hope you guys can try out my game and explore the places I made using the tilesets to make some landmarks in Singapore! It is a quiz turn based monster game. Quite fun. Ads free. Do try it...
  5. Educational Games (English) and Login System

    Hello guys . Good day! I'm new in RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm just here to ask. I want to develop a educational games, to be specific theme is Grade 1 English. Is it possible to make a game like that using RPG Maker VX Ace ? Like Spelling game , Listening game and Reading game. And one more thing ...

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