effect timing

  1. Random Panda

    Spike Event Timing Help

    Hi all, I'm having a little trouble timing out a specific kind of spike trap. What I would like to do is have alternating rows of spikes like so: ------- <-Spikes Down ^^^^^^^ <-Spikes Up ------- ^^^^^^^ And they would alternate their "Spikes Up" and "Spikes Down" positions. Getting...
  2. jordanblake

    trigger a common event after class change (YED class change core)

    Hello, im using YEP class change core and i had a idea to show a little picture event when you change class, and of course show the picture depending on the class change selection,i want to make a npc class change system,like you should do a quest before class change, and of course change the...
  3. Tsukihime

    User Effects

    This script allows you to convert item/skill effects into "user effects". By default, when your skill misses, none of the effects are executed. There are two types of user effects: "Pre User Effects" which occurs before the skill is executed, and "Post User Effects" which occurs after the...

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