1. jerrypylant

    Sound effect lag

    When i made this video the sound worked fine  but i've recently started to work on the mechanic more but now it sounds like it skipped a few sound effects. I haven't changed anything but just to make sure i recreated the event without any plugins but i am still experiencing the problem. ...
  2. Lecode

    Side Effects Control

    Version History Version 1.0 /* # - 0.0 : Bêta # - 1.0 : Initial release # : Deep code reorganization # : News occasions: "after this skill invoked" # "after this attack invoked" # "after this item invoked" # : Occasions can be fusioned: <leffect: x,y,z> # : Effects can be read...
  3. Val

    Change the Effect / FX when you enter in combat ?!? Script Help?

    Hi everyone! I would like to know if someone in our great group of scripters we have an awesome person who would like to work on a script about giving control to the creator for the Effect when you enter in battle? Right now its only a simple zoom in effect with a image go to white! I...
  4. Lecode

    [Released]Side Effects Control

    Introduction This plugin allows the user to set advanced effects for battlers, states and equipments. These effects' logics are done through script call in the note box on defined occasions: When Something Do that (scriptcall) Do that (scriptcall) ... End The purpose of this...
  5. brunobay.g

    Animated battle backgrounds

    Hi there, I've been on RPG MAKER MV for very little time and I was looking forward to implement some background animations during the battle event, something similar to this project: https://gjtorikian.github.io/Earthbound-Battle-Backgrounds-JS/ (alternatively, the project's source code can...
  6. Rinobi

    Actor Damage Sounds

    Actor Damage Sounds by: Rinobi Version History 1.00 [12/05/2015] Initial Release 1.10 [12/06/2015] ATB Compatability Update 1.20 [12/08/2015] Fixed occasional crash when enemy attacks. 1.30 [12/09/2015] Fixed crash when unarmored actor is damaged. 1.70 [12/10/2015] Major update...
  7. Mr. Trivel


    Name: Quicksand Version: 1.3 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-27   What does it do? Allows regions to sink players and events in. If player sinks in completely - game over screen or common event can be executed.   Screenshots:   How to use? Set up tags Map...
  8. sertianscompany

    How to remove Touch/Click Flash Tile Effect

    Hello, I would like to develop a game for mobile in RPG Maker MV.   My question is: How to remove the flash effect that appears on the screen when I click/touch to move the character?   There should be a plugin or internal option to remove that effect, because it doesn't look right as it is...
  9. [RMVXAce] Low Health In-Game Effect

    Hey there! I've been messing around with RPGMaker VX Ace for awhile now and I seem to have got stuck on an idea. I wish to have an effect play over the screen when the main characters health is low. Now, I don't mean in battle, but when the character walks around in game. I imagine a heart beat...
  10. Analog States

    is there anyway for smoothly scaling states, rather than just on/off?   an example, the state ''Cursed'' could be on a scale from 0-100%, increasing your lowered defense as it gets higher.  maybe at 50% it triggers an event, your HP starts falling or at 100%, you begin to start Cursing other...
  11. ♥SOURCE♥

    Speed Trail

  12. Multi-effect skill

    Hi guys. As the title says, I want to know how to create a skill with multiple effects. For example, a skill that first deals fire damage and then ice damage or a skill that first deals damage to the enemy party and then heals the player's party. I think it should work like two diferent skills...
  13. [CLOSED] .OGG Sound effects don't play anymore?

    So today I wanted to work on one of my projects but all my imported sound effects didn't work anymore? All my imported sound effects are in a .OGG format just like the default sound effects. Thanks in advance! --Destrik
  14. rubensolid

    Problem with the cloud shadows and artificial illumination

    Hi ^^ Im making a parallax map in which i have implemented the Woratana multiple Fogs script in order to make a "cloud shadows effect". I have a dark layer to make the night effect and i would like to make the light of some lamppost. The problem comes when the cloud shadows move to the...
  15. Zazu

    Weapons using different SE?

    Hi, i have a little question to the advanced scripters and mappers among you: Is it in any way possible that for example 2 different weapons make a different SE while attacking? My idea was to have several guns which should all have different SE while attacking because they are shooting with...
  16. shiori4me

    Help with conditioning if effect is "Add State 51" and soforth?

    I have it so that say an iron breastplate will have damage from High moves be at 70%, and the chance of receiving states from them is at 30%, but I want to exclude the state Remove Guard/Remove Magic Guard. I already have the damage modifier and the "staterate" aspect of that (which is a...
  17. Raining, lightning and thunder effect help?

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to make the outside of the house looks like it is raining outside and there's lightning and thunder just through events? For example, a character wakes up inside a mansion. Of course, there would be windows inside a house. When he wanders around the...
  18. Solo

    Use of items and "skill books" restricted by actor/class

    I like the idea of "Skill Books," (items with the "Learn Skill" effect) and was happy that they resurrected this feature for VX Ace. However... it's not quite the same as it was in 2K/3. You can use them on anyone, no matter what... even if the skill belongs to a skill category that the actor in...
  19. Light Effect Script...

    I'm back...again... And this time, I'm either completely stupid, or I completely broke the Victor Light Effect script. It was really my first time trying to work with a downloaded script, and it seems to work just fine for everyone else. And for me? Well, it did. Until I added other events...
  20. Kes

    Tsukihime's Heal Effect accidentally resurrects

    I am using Tsukihime's Effect Manager, which can be found here: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23043573/RPG%20Maker/RMVXA%20Scripts/Effect_Manager.txt One of the effects I have is for healing the whole party.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have a way of checking to see if the actors are alive...

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