1. subengari

    RMMZ Setting the SpriteAnimation frame rate?

    Compadres and comadres, In MV, the SpriteAnimation class had a property ._rate, which would determine the frame rate of the animations. I realize that MZ now uses Effekseer and has the legacy SpriteAnimationMV class... but if I am using a Effekseer animation that I created is there any way to...
  2. caethyril

    Bug Audio does not pause when game loses focus

    Seen in RMMZ core scripts up to the current version (v1.4.0). Edit 2021-12-09: as of v1.4.0, Effekseer pauses when the game is out of focus, but audio does not. The thread title and content have been updated to reflect this. (This thread was previously titled "Audio + Effekseer do not pause...
  3. Animation Perspective Fix

    [DUCK] Animation Perspective Fix v1.0 GregorDuckman Introduction Adjusts the Projection Matrix and Camera Matrix used in Effekseer computations to eliminate the extreme Field of View (FOV) / fisheye effect, so that animations more closely match the top-down / diorama perspective used in stock...
  4. JacSkulls

    Help with Efekseer Animating skills?

    Hello. Sorry for bothering y'all. Not sure if this is the right place to ask the question, either. Tried looking up tutorials and just couldn't understand it. In other word, not doing it right. So I am hoping someone could direct me to a step by step guide. Reason I'm asking is because I'm...
  5. Nerine

    Nerine's Effekseer Thread

    Since I've started playing around with Effekseer I decided to create this thread. It's a place where I will be posting everything I've managed to create. Animations were made with Effekseer 1.60 and may require additional plugin for some animations to work. Terms of Use: Free for...
  6. Rpgnube

    Effekseer not recording/exporting animation images as .png...

    Hello, Everyone! First post here. I hope i post this correctly... Glad to have found the community is still active and well! Here's my problem: I was trying out Effekseer using the tutorial provided by the official page: https://effekseer.github.io/Help_Tool/en/ToolReference/record.html...
  7. Milennin

    Effekseer animation hangs at end frame?

    I've imported a sprite sheet into Effekseer and set it to 16 frames, yet when I play the animation in MZ, it will hang for like a full second or 2 on the last frame. What is happening? I have no additional effects set, apart from a sound at frame 1.
  8. jkweath

    RMMZ Limiting Effekseer animations for Android/low-end PCs

    It's been pointed out on the forums before, but while deployed MZ games run decently well on most devices, the new Effekseer animation system can cause some major lag on low-end PCs, but especially on mobile deployments. I have personally deployed two MZ games to Android, one being a base...
  9. Oscar92player

    Suggestion [Feedback] Support for both, Effekseer and MV sprite sheet animations in-editor

    Description of the Feature: With this feature, RMMZ could give real support the animation system used in RMMV by adding two different tabs in Animations. By default, RMMZ supports PART of the MV animation system, with the capability of copying animations.json from the previous engine, and...
  10. Kaimi

    Imported .efkefc animation does not work properly

    So I imported an .efkefc into my RMMZ project and updated texture links (I also copied texture images to the appropiate game folder), following Driftwood Gaming's YouTube tutorial however it still does not show up at all in the program. I don't know what else I can or should do. I'd like to...
  11. Nowis-337

    Nowis-337's Art Resources

    Hello! Hope everyone is having fun with MZ! Here are some free assets to add to your RPG making arsenals. I'll try and update here as I make more freebies down the track. Terms of Use (unless otherwise stated): Monster Encounters 1 Enemy battlers designed to add a little gimmick into your RPG...
  12. chyj4747

    MV's trial version for RMMZ's particle engine Effekseer

    C47_Effekseer4MV v1.0.0 by chyj4747 Introduction This plugin is used to experience effekseer editor. Also the effect must be better in MZ because in MV it has to use low version of effekseer. How to use See the plugin help section (including effekseer version and its download page). Terms of...

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