1. Kino

    RPGMakerMV [ES6] Strings

    You can find the post here. Introduction Strings are a part of almost any object-oriented programming language. Today, we're going to discuss some of the basics of strings, and what new features are available to us with strings when using ES6. Strings Strings are a sequence of characters and...
  2. Kino

    JavaScript Map Object [ES6]

    You can find the original post here. The Map Object In ES6, JavaScript added a new Map class. The Map class is very similar to the standard object class, with a few differences. Today, we’re going over when to use and why to use them. Why Map Map, unlike the object class, does not have extra...
  3. Kino

    JavaScript Arrow Functions

    If you'd like to read the original post you can find it here. KinoCreates.io Introduction Functions are a collection of instructions that are used to accomplish a task. In JavaScript, there are two types of functions you’ll see often; the standard function and the arrow function. Now, there are...
  4. Kino

    JavaScript Variables

    Since MZ is ES6, I've decided to repost some of the older tutorials around ES6 JavaScript. JS Variables For the record I own both KinoCreates and EIS Full text transcript: Every programming languages come with basic building blocks; variables are one of those blocks. Variables are the...
  5. Radical Nox

    EIS Achievements (MV)

    Yo! Doin' a lil' crappy project right now - and got a problem with EIS Achievements plugin (dunno' how to reach Kino). Problem - plugin is not working. I follow instructions from EIS tutorial step by step - but I still can't open achievements window or even make one achieveable (nor script nor...
  6. Kino

    MoonFlower - Localization and Event Scripting Plugin

    Introduction This plugin allows you to localize and script events in your game. Change the game's language on the fly with simple script calls and plugin commands. Or, write your events in your text editor with familiar commands! Version 1.4.0 - Beta Features Localize database skills...
  7. Kino

    MoonFlower - Localization and Event Command Scripting Plugin

    Introduction Moonflower is a localization and event-based plugin for RPGMakerMV. It allows the developer to both localize their game in any language of their choosing and create flexible events out of text files. This plugin is free for non-commercial use but commercial use requires a license...
  8. Kino

    JavaScript Promises

    JavaScript Promises Promises are the new kid on the block when it comes to handling asynchronous functions in JavaScript. But, before we can talk promises, we have to talk about asynchronous briefly. Asynchronous Functions And Callback Triangle Asynchronous functions are functions that...
  9. Kino

    Node.js HTTP Requests In Depth

    Node.js HTTP Requests In Depth Node.js has nice modules for making HTTP and HTTPS requests. You can see a basic introduction in this post, but here's a quick overview. HTTP Overview HTTP requests allow a program to interact with resources on a server using four kinds of request methods...
  10. Kino

    EIS Plugins

    Introduction I decided it would be easier to manage all of my plugins, by keeping them all in one place. This makes it easier to handle bug fixes, update plugins, or make the necessary changes. As a result, I'll be linking all my plugins that are available on my website. Amaryllis - Core...
  11. Kino


    Introduction Version 1.00 Features Pause the game Stop the game clock Script File EISGamePause.js Instructions Download the script file and save it with the same name (EISGamePause.js). Place the plugin in your folder. Add the plugin to your PluginManager...
  12. Kino


      Introduction This plugin allows the developer to have a notification system in-game. This system will show any notifications available in order. Afterward, they can be seen in-game. Furthermore, it allows the game developer to create notifications on the fly with script calls...
  13. Kino

    Rem Dictionary Version[1.01]

    Rem Dictionary Introduction This plugin is an extension of the Rem system; it takes advantage of the predefined dictionary tab in the plugin to create a scene that allows the developer to create a dictionary, or book of sorts, of important need to know terms in-game.  This is great for...
  14. Kino

    Rem System - Text Replacement [Updated: 1.04]

    Rem System Version: 1.04 Introduction Do you wish you could have NPCs be more dynamic when they say something? Or maybe, you would like to have easy ways to import text into your game. I definitely know it can be annoying to play with switches in RPGMaker MV just to have your NPCs be...
  15. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Feature List

    Introduction Hello, everyone! It’s time to discuss ES6, or JavaScript in RPGMaker MV(RMMV). Most code in RPGMaker MV is written in ES5. RPGMaker MV is an engine running on NW.js (or Node-webkit); the version is older (nw.js is 0.12.3), however this still allows developers to use some ES6...
  16. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Part 1 : Objects

    Introduction When developing plugins in RPGMaker MV (RMMV), there are two things I tend to use often. Those two things would be arrays, and objects. Objects are the focus of today’s post. In RMMV, objects are used for a couple purposes: namespacing, holding data, being used as a class. All of...
  17. Kino

    EIS - Grid Inventory [Updated: Script Files Available ]

    Introduction Currently, I'm working on a grid inventory system, which I believe has been highly requested throughout the community. Right now, it's almost done, I just need a couple more ideas to finish it up. This is an ongoing project, that I've been working on during the last month...
  18. Kino

    EIS - Cecilia Numerical Pad [Updated Version 1.03]

    Introduction This plugin creates a new numerical pad, which you can use in your game. This pad lets the player enter numbers, remove numbers from the buffer, and overall have a more robust numerical pad to use when they need to enter numbers. This can be great for things like...
  19. Kino

    EIS Random Items

    EIS Random Items A short script that lets you give items to the player randomly from a list (array) you declare. This can be good if you want to replicate something like gathering points from Monster Hunter. Or, put a little bit of RNG in the items you wish to give to your player...
  20. Kino

    Cecilia Music Player

    Cecilia Music Player A floating music player on the map scene, that the player can listen to and drag around on screen. Version 1.00 Core Features Playing Audio Switching Songs Bar showing how far along in the song you are Script: Note: To use this script, you'll...

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