1. Nightblade50

    Favorite music artists/genres/songs

    Hi all :) So I was wondering, what genres of music do you like? Rap, metal, classical, etc. And more specifically, favourite artists and songs, if applicable I like electronic most, with pop, rock, and rap coming up second. Deadmau5 is my favourite electronic artist and one of my favourite...

    Musician services Activate

    Hello Everyone, I am a classically trained composer who enjoys Indie RPG's I found RPGmaker back in early 2003 and would spend a lot of time writing music for the various small scale games that we wrote based off of old scenarios we were writing. I look now to continue creating on new projects...
  3. LakePixel

    LakePixel's Music Studio

    Hey, everyone. I'm looking to expand my horizons, and I would love to compose music for the community. Here are some examples of my pieces: ---EXAMPLE SONGS--- The music may be a bit loud, depending on your headphones. Stay safe, and turn down volume before listening to a track. The Tropics...
  4. AoDLegacy

    Battle Music Requests

    Hello, my name is AoDLegacy, and I love making battle music, which is why I decided I would try taking requests for some, as I know getting music can be frustrating. However I'm not insane so I have some basic rules about this. If you do not read these rules and follow them, then I will not...
  5. Xirahii

    Xirahii's Basically-Everything-Musical Workshop

    That topic title was a mouthful... ._. but I think it describes what I have in mind pretty accurately.  I have made - and am still more than willing to make - songs of various genres, either full versions or loopable versions.  Basically whatever you think will fit your project, be it...
  6. Free Original Music for Games

    Hiya guys! New to the site but willing to help with projects, for free! Want to write original music for decent adventure/futuristic games. Here's an original that i composed for you to get an idea. Message me on nightlingmusic@gmail.com if you're interested Nightling
  7. Schematist

    How to Create an RPG Town Theme

    Hey all! I created another instructional video on how to build an RPG Town Theme. Hopefully this can appeal to beginners who want to get into game audio
  8. TheBrogrammer

    The Brogrammer's Rockin' Riffs!

    Hello everyone!  I'm a bit new at game composition, but I've been practicing music for over 8 years.  I thought it was about time that I started giving back to the community.  Here is my new Soundcloud page for my video game pieces!  Recently I composed a pack for the community DLC package full...
  9. Schematist

    Free Video game Remix Album!

    Hello Everyone! I recently finished my first official Remix Album and put it on Bandcamp. Every track can be downloaded for free! If any of these tracks catch your interest, you can use them as you see fit as you credit me The songs can be found at the link below! http://schematist.bandcamp.com/
  10. Schematist

    Schematist Game Audio/ RPG Vault

    Hello all! I am new to this forum, but I thought it would be a great idea to introduce myself!  my name is Calbert Warner and I am an inspiring Videogame composer.  I come from somewhat of a classical background since I have played the piano for about four years. I am a huge Nobuo Uematsu Fan as...
  11. Scythuz

    [Music] Scythuz's Humble Store of Assorted Music

    Hi there my name is Scythuz, video game composer and maker of melodies! I would like to offer to make music for your game!  Music that sounds kind of like this! As you can probably tell from those samples, I can write in a lot of different styles.   I'm very adaptable and I'm always looking...
  12. Scythuz

    [FREE] Scythuz's Mountain of Music - Free for commercial use!

    Hello there everyone.  I have here a big bunch of free to use music, a mountain of it you could say. These tracks are from various sources whether it be projects that haven't worked out, tracks that weren't used,tracks i've made for fun and so on.  They are completely free to use for both...
  13. Hao-kun

    Musician For Hire!

    Hey there! just wondering of this is still open.

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