element combination

  1. Lilly

    FREE Birth of Elemental Light - [Title In Progress]

    Demo Please give me feedback, questions and/or info about how to make it game better. ------ For 2 or 3 months, I've been working on a game project. Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: A RPG game filled with puzzles and a Linear Motion Battle System and in this game you will move normally through...
  2. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Trouble w/ "Element Set" plugin

    Hello, just trying to mess around with some plugins and am having a bit of trouble with this one...I have the VE_BasicModule and the VE_ElementSet plugins both active, but I can't seem to get the damage to calculate...see the images below. I have the Barrel Sludge set to Fire*100% and...
  3. FeaR616

    Element Combination System

    Element Combination System By FeaR I present today to you all my first script which I will use for my upcoming commercial game. =) Introduction IMPORTANT: This script is only to use for Actor 1 in the database!!! This script allows you to set up new elements that can be created if the player...

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