element damage

  1. Kanetsugu21

    [Help] Fire Armor State

    Hey all, first post here. Please let me know if this post needs to be elsewhere, or there's info missing. Thanks! I'm trying to make a mage spell that applies a state on the user similar to the Fire Armor from World of Warcraft, making enemies who use melee attacks take fire damage upon hitting...
  2. goldrat1

    Enemy that builds up resistance to elements it is attacked with?

    Hey, RPGMV community, I'm currently trying to make an enemy that 'learns' from the player's used moves, and slowly builds up resistance to any enemies that it is attacked with up to certain point before it gets reset, e.g If a Fire-based skill is used against it, it increases its Fire Element...
  3. marbeltoast

    How do I change elemental damage type for a turn? <Solved>

    Hey gang! So, I've got an idea for a skill. When an actor uses it, it displays the six elements my game uses in a list, and the player picks one of the options. Then, they receive a state (one for each option) which changes the damage type of their spells to that element for the remainder of...
  4. Jachan

    Element Rate Conflict

    I have coded and worked just great... until I start test to have one cast magic which should be 100 but instead it dealt halved due to Element Rate: 50%. How do I get that be seperated between "element damage" and "element resistance" which resistance should be 50% while damage remain 100% with...
  5. mikey1393drago

    Floor/element damage for only a specific character.

    Hey. I have another thing I need help with. It is a very recent idea in my game, to have floor damage affect only a single character when a player plays as that particular character. i.e. If a character weak to water walks through a water tile, then only they get hurt. I also hope to have...

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