1. Ultima01

    [ACE] Issues with an Enemy Reactions Snippet

    I've been having problems with this script snippet I devised for a friend.  Said friend wanted enemies to react to getting hit with specific elements, but only if they dealt damage.  So I came up with the idea of making them react to a switch that's thrown in response to a spell dealing damage...
  2. KyoAkashi

    Absorbing Elements

    Hello! I want a Fire enemy which absorbs this element but i cant find an option for this or a way to do this. Maybe i'm overlooking something, i would appreciate every help. Thank you for your help!
  3. KyoAkashi

    Multiple attack elements?

    Hello the question is, is it possible to give a character or an enemy multiple attack elements? So if i have an Gargoyle and wanted to give him the attack element of earth AND physical would it be as simple as adding Attackelement [Earth] Attackelement [Physical] in the properties? Thank you...
  4. S.Court

    Element-related states

    Hi, I had an idea and I want to relate certain states to a battle element, for example, Fire elmement would cause the burn state (obviously, I guess) and well, I work the classic elements in my game: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness, and I have the general idea for most...
  5. CharcoalKidd

    Non-Traditional Sins

    I'm looking for non-traditional sins to theme some levels around. There's the obvious Big Seven: Lust Envy Greed Pride Wrath Sloth Gluttony But I've also heard some interesting minor ones: Mirth (presumption with one's own happiness) Apathy (detachment from the world) Risk (think gambling)...
  6. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Dekita elemental control & Hime elemental status info

    Hello, I have a question, I'm using both scripts: Dekita elemental control (https://dekitarpg.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/d13x-elemental-control/) and Hime elemental status info (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/3708-elemental-status-info/) and there is a trouble Of course, the elemental...
  7. Battle Element Messages

    I'm designing an RPG with Pokémon elements, and one thing I'm focusing on is messages for elements along with sound effects too. 200% and higher - Super Effective 100% - Normal Effective 50% and lower - Not Very Effective If you have a compatible working script that will do this, present...
  8. Uzuki

    Multi-Weakness State

    Hey everyone, I want to make a state that effects various weaknesses on different enemies. So basically I want to do something this: Let's say Giant Frog's weakness to ice is 120%. When the player uses a skill to inflict the status, Giant Frog's weakness to ice increases to 150%. Now let's say...
  9. Kes

    Element boosts stat?

    What I would like to happen is that if an elemental skill is used against the 'wrong' sort of enemy, it does very little damage and also changes a paramenter.  The "very little damage" bit is easy with the element rate in the enemy's Features section.  It's the other bit on which I'm stuck. For...
  10. wrigty12

    Gain HP when attacked by a certain Element

    I am looking for a way to make a character gain HP instead of lose it when attacked by a certain element For instance, a character who is Water based gains HP each time it is attacked by a water attack. If this can be done, my main goal is to have this ability be gained by equipping an item.
  11. Sapharan

    More Elemental sprites (beings) charas

    Hello. Default RTP for VX/VXA has some elemental sprites: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. I was searching thru internet, forums, every known for me spriter blogs, for other elemnal sprites. And i have not found them. I would like to request a fallowing sprites: Ice, Thunder, Light, Dark, Nature...
  12. Fonstw

    [SOLVED] RPG VX Ace Monsterbook

    Hello dear RPG Maker VX Ace Community, I have been looking for a Monster Book-script for RPG Maker VX Ace, but all the Monster Book-scripts I can find for Ace only give the following information: But those things seem somewhat uninteresting for a player, since the stats don't matter as long as...
  13. Osoni

    Any way for an enemy to take extra damage from certain Skill Types?

    So I'm plodding along in my project and ran into a speedbump. Let's say I have three generic Skill Types: Physical, Mental, and Magical. Let's say I also have four generic Elements (Damage Types): Fire, Water, Wind, Earth. Setting an enemy to take extra damage from an element is pretty...

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