1. RMMZ Elements VisuStella MZ - Notetags Don't Work

    Hi There, As you can see I am new here and it's my first time working with RPG maker. I'm not experienced in Java script, so I wanted to ask for some help if its just a simple error from my side. Ive Installed the Elements VisuStella Pluggin and I Simplified the elements down too 3+1 Neutral...
  2. kyonides

    ArmorKlass XP

    ArmorKlass XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction Change your Hero's class by changing his Body Armor! :O Setup Process You will need to define a Default Class for the Hero. All body armors should be available for everybody. VX & ACE Leave a very specific note in all of the existing body...
  3. Trihan

    Suggestion Allow element absorption by default via entering negative numbers for Element Rate.

    Description of the Feature: The ability to enter a negative number in the input box for the Element Rate trait, allowing native absorption effects. Mockups: Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: Element absorption without relying on plugins, a feature...
  4. ALHC7


    Hey guys! I wonder if there's a way to heal with the same ability different amounts depending on the character. In my game I want to make a cook system, combining food in a campfire, The thing is some characters are vegetarian and some love meat, so if the player cook a steak to heal the party...
  5. Xyonel

    Lowering Elemental Resistances with Skills.

    how can I do that? there's no option in base program rpg maker that can resolve this, I found other similar article but it's not a solution for me. any ideas? some plugins?
  6. Vis_Mage

    VTS-Elemental Charge Field - More than 8 Elements Tweak

    Hello! :kaohi: Lately, I've been trying to make what I thought would be a really simple edit to Ventwig's VTS-Elemental Charge Field script, but I haven't had any luck on my own. I'm hoping someone with a better idea of what they're doing than myself could help me out here. In summery, the...
  7. Vis_Mage

    Pokemon-Style Types

    Hello! I was hoping someone could help me create a script that can assign "Types" to enemies. To better explain, types are just the monster's defensive element. For example, all Flying type Pokemon are weak to electric, rock, and ice attacks, while resisting steel and fighting attacks, and...
  8. GethN7

    How to make skills/magic that nullify element resistance in battle

    I'm trying to work out how to use skills/magic to nullify any resistances an actor or enemy may have for a certain number of turns, allowing them to be damaged by an element they would otherwise suffer no damage from. For instance, an enemy is immune to Fire, but I want to be able to use a...
  9. gambitben

    How to make the element rates flat instead of percetile

    Hello forum friends! I've been trying to make so that having a 120 fire element rate is not a 20% damage reduction against fire, but instead a flat -20 fire damage. Between lines 1670 and 1690 in the objects.js file I found this: Game_Action.prototype.makeDamageValue = function(target...
  10. Damage types for weapons

    Hello. I'm looking to make a game with RMMV. I've dabbled with RPG Makers in the past, but have never completed anything past a small demo. I do know basic eventing and can make small vanilla games, but that's it. While creating my classes and weapons for my current game, I realized that all my...
  11. Ideas for boss creatures

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask a simple question since I believe it fits in a general discussion thread. What do you think would be an awesome idea for a boss? I have 13 elements in my game thus far and 13 bosses to meet each element. Fire, ice, thunder, earth, water, poison, light, dark...
  12. Darkstrife

    Creating an Elemental Resistance State

    Hello all, :smile: I'm trying to prototype a sort of stance based mechanic in which the player has the ability switch up switch their stance on their turn to adjust their guard against High, Low, and Mid attacks forcing the player to pay close attention to their enemy and switch up their...
  13. Aquachubolt

    Is there a way to stack elemental rates?

    Let's say I have a weapon, like a bow or something, that and I want to use it against a flying enemy. This bow has both anti-flyer element and Puncture element. The enemy takes normal damage from Puncture but increased damage from anti-flyer. Is there a way to get the game to take both of...
  14. Nathyn171

    Confusion with enemy attack element vs skill element

    So in the database, for enemies there is an "Attack Element" trait. But also in skills, there is an "Element" thingy near the damage formula box. So which one of these takes priority?
  15. François Godbout

    *solved* Script that amplifies element powers with equippement/passives?

    I don't know if its already part of the game but as far as i know its not. And i already tried himework's elemental modifiers but its rather mean't to split damage type, not amplify them. (unless i missed something) So basically i'm looking for a script where if a certain state/skill or...
  16. Rink27

    Yanfly's Counter Control + Multiple Elements ??

    Elements defined within counter conditions cannot check for additional elements added via <Multiple Elements: x> ... at least in my experience. Example: I have a skill whose element is designated as "Water" and an additional element designated via: <Multiple Elements: Sword>. However, the...
  17. Crimson Dragon Inc.

    Character Development and other informative topics

    one i know this might be the wrong forum for this kind of thread but i chose this forum in hopes of expanding my own limited information pool on the subject through discussion and to hope fully help fellow developers add depth to their characters and games :D now on to the topic hi...
  18. Is it possible for me to make a monster effected differently by a specific element?

    Would it be possible for me to make a monster be effected by an element in different ways. Let's say if a monster were hit with fire their attack power (Or some other stat) would be temporarily boosted, or the monster will be healed, or even counter the move entirely.
  19. ragnorak6608

    how to check if element is effective

    Is there a way to check within an eval if the attack's element was effective (over 100%) against the target. I want to input this check into a tp gain formula so that when the mage hits with magic that the target is weak against, they gain more tp.
  20. captainproton

    Weapon Proficiency/Element Bonuses?

    Okay, so, I know that you can assign different weapon types and element rates to different classes.  But, how can you make it so that a particular class uses a particular weapon type BETTER than another, or gets a bonus (a la Pokemon) from using a particular element?  Examples:  All...

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