1. biggislims

    RMMZ Hiro of Legend

    Hello, here to announce my current project, Hiro of Legend. Hiro is an elven boy who lives in the Ancient Era, on a small plot of land, on the southern portion of Zormello Island, in the Daeydark Empire. He is from a family of farmers who make a meager living growing Stickyleaf for the Empire...
  2. PrideOfTheForbidion

    WIP character sheet

    NOT FOR USE currently, Hi all, just about to go to bed, thought i would show this off b4 i go, and get your thoughts on it, i think this is the right place to upload it though im not 100% sure, so if not sorry ^^: this is the first of several race's that i have created in my game, nymphs are...
  3. Need an fantasy elven based windowskin

    I'm going to make an elven based game...if i ever get a good name on what to call the project  and I would like a fancy elven windowskin please  :wub:

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hmm one of those days where there's a lot to work on with my game... annnnnd I have no idea what I wanna do. most of it tho, involves drawing lol. either enemies or NPCs.
I'm going back to the default RTP, in the interest of getting it done. FSM is lovely but slow to work with and has tall doors. And switching to tall sprites would mean a lot of franking, and also the horses will be small.
I think I developed a stalker trauma (stalkerfobia?) because of my previous work publishing games on Steam. :(
RIP, MeatLoaf :( Hot patootie, bless his soul, he really loved that rock 'n roll.
Psychronics Games is doing a livestream about my game in a bit... And I will do a video about his game after that.
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