1. biggislims

    RMMZ Hiro of Legend

    Hello, here to announce my current project, Hiro of Legend. Hiro is an elven boy who lives in the Ancient Era, on a small plot of land, on the southern portion of Zormello Island, in the Daeydark Empire. He is from a family of farmers who make a meager living growing Stickyleaf for the Empire...
  2. PrideOfTheForbidion

    WIP character sheet

    NOT FOR USE currently, Hi all, just about to go to bed, thought i would show this off b4 i go, and get your thoughts on it, i think this is the right place to upload it though im not 100% sure, so if not sorry ^^: this is the first of several race's that i have created in my game, nymphs are...
  3. Need an fantasy elven based windowskin

    I'm going to make an elven based game...if i ever get a good name on what to call the project  and I would like a fancy elven windowskin please  :wub:

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