1. Jalen

    Jalen's Junkyard: MV

    Creative title, I know.  Requests: None right now, please. I might consider them in the future! Commercial use: The emosets are free for non-commercial and commercial use to owners of any RPGMaker. Just credit me as Jalen! I've included my name in the filenames as well. (And I wouldn't say no...
  2. romoku

    Vx ace RTP Emosets

    Hello everyone! I was searching far and wide everyday for rtp actors emosets i have found most of what i needed but i sitll need 2 or 3 and i didnt see them anywhere... What i am looking for is actor 5-1's emoset and 5-3's emoset. I have one for 5-5 so i know there must be one somewhere.. If...
  3. UltimateFanBoy

    A RTP/Anime faceset generator

    I've already made a thread like this, but bumping it would be a necro-post, so I'll just do it again. Is there an online faceset generator that is identical to the RTP's faces, or an anime one that doesn't have a big contrast with the RTP?
  4. Sanguine

    Faceset/Emoset Request

    Hi all, I would like to request an faceset/emoset of a character sprite. The emoset would most preferably be done in a RMVXA style, (heavier and stronger colors and outlines), but if it's done in a VX style and it looks good, I'll have no problems with that. The expressions are as follows...
  5. captainproton

    Captain Proton's Graphics

    Hi there! I figured, since I've made use of the amazing resources members have contributed here, I should start sharing some of the stuff I've made, too. I will have more to come, but right now I just have some faceset edits I've made for my game. Some are edits I made from the RTP facesets, and...
  6. Akaimochi

    Akaimochi's Character Creations

    Welcome to my character creations! I'm not a great artist, I'm just simply a hobbyist. The main software I use for all my digital creation is GIMP. Also check out my blog for what I'm creating next and have created: http://akaimochi.blogspot.com/ Terms of Use: Credit: Please...
  7. Jellysaur

    Edit Request: Sprite and Facesets

    Hello! I have an edit request. I would like to have a charset and its facesets altered to fit a more modern setting. The head should stay the same; what I need altered is the attire. Please change the attire to that of a modern school girl's.  Sprite: http://imgur.com/gj1k3oT Faceset1: ...
  8. Dark Horseman

    (6/2/15) Dark Horseman's Art Suppository

    Update 6/2/15: Touched up Mira Battler since I felt I'm able to make her look a little better now. Update 5/31/15: Battler for Gareth complete. Comes in flavors of normal actor, helmeted, and larger-generic-enemy-soldier-battler.                    Howdy. Welcome to my gallery. There's free...
  9. Venere

    Venere & Marte's Resources

    Introduction Hello dear everyone from all over the world! Venere & Marte is a beginner artists team for RPGMaker. I would like to share our resources which we made for practice on this topic. I'm very happy if you like them. Thanks!   Latest Resources Streetlamps (25 July 2013) Sprite of...

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