1. Verdeware

    Tranforming Bust Emotions to Faces and Face emotions to Busts

    Hello Everyone, I happen to have some emosets for some Chars that I would like to edit to look like my characters (of course credit is due) I would like to put these emotions on some busts that I also have (RTP busts) So that I can show a bigger profile of a person but still give them emotion...
  2. Ex-Panda

    I need some facesets (VX styled, preferably), & some damage sprites.

    Hi! So I'm making my first game (and also my first post here), it's a about a maid who gets stuck into a place called "The World of Dread". The game is called Vera, and I have already advanced on the game like 25% of it, or maybe less. However, I still need some damage sprites for some NPCs who...
  3. Vis_Mage

    Emotion Sets for a few Faces

    Hello!  I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out with the creating of  emotion sets for a few faces. There doesn't need to be a massive slew of emotions, just some basic ones like happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, and the like.  The characters I was hoping to get help with are the...
  4. Foron

    What do you want to see in the next RPG Maker?

    I really like VX Ace. But, there are somethings I feel could be beter, and I doubt they're going to add updates to it now. So, i figurd I'd say what I think should be in the new one. Here's my suggestions: Diagonal movement by default So this is more of a nit-pick, but its always bugged me...
  5. Foron

    Using VX facesets in VX Ace?

    So while looking things up, I came across a treasure trove of battlers, facestes, and more: http://jalensjamboree.blogspot.com/2011/01/christmas.html However, It says they're made for VX. Is there a way to use it on VX Ace, or is it already compatible?
  6. captainproton

    Captain Proton's Graphics

    Hi there! I figured, since I've made use of the amazing resources members have contributed here, I should start sharing some of the stuff I've made, too. I will have more to come, but right now I just have some faceset edits I've made for my game. Some are edits I made from the RTP facesets, and...
  7. Julien Brightside

    Sweet's Selections <3

    Really fond of that first one.
  8. Scinaya

    Scinaya's Resource Mix

    Updated 7th Jan 2013! (cleaned 9.6.2016, YEAH STILL ALIVE ;>) Terms of use: Please credit me, Scinaya, Enterbrain and the rest of the people that are credited next to the individual pieces. The resources are put in two sections, free for commercial and non-commercial...
  9. Jalen

    Jalen's Junkyard

    I hope you enjoy my edits, but please, please don't forget to credit everyone I mention, especially where sprites are concerned. Check the second post for more! Support me? [CODE] Gloria, who is a grouchyface. )8< This is Orion, now in child and teen flavors as well. uwub There are...

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