1. Toggle Items Command On/Off while in Battle

    I've been scouring the internet for an answer to this for awhile with no clear result, so I'll make it as clear as possible so there's no confusion. I need a way/method to hide/remove/disable the Items Command while in the middle of a battle (imperative), and also to turn it back on again (less...
  2. Sales_Kital

    how to disable/enable TP during gameplay

    I want to change TP to be a more lore friendly system, however to do that I need to have it so only certain actors have TP enabled, while others don't. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do this in the default program, or if I would need a plugin for this specific task.
  3. JourBlock

    How to make player able to disable or enable skill that they already acquired?

    Hello, i'm new to this RPG Maker stuff, so i'm still newbie for this. I want to know, is there any plugin or any way that able to make player (or actor) to disable or enable skill? I search it everywhere, and i didn't found it. I found one and that is yanfly.moe - Equip Battle Skills, but it's...
  4. AdamSakuru

    Enabling/Disabling onion skin in the animation GUI

    Description of the Feature: In the animation window, I've found it's hindered me more than helped to have the last frame appear partially in the current one. This is also more of a problem if you're not animating cells at larger sizes and have the cells in question move by smaller amounts...
  5. Kes

    Optional disable of mouse

    Players who prefer to use the keyboard tend to hate having the mouse cursor drifting around the screen.  In Ace I had a way of giving the player the option to enable/disable the mouse whenever they liked. Does anyone know of a way of doing this in MV?  Ideally I would like to do this by having...
  6. slamz369

    how to enable debug/test mode?

    ive seen intructions on how to enable debug mode on a game but dont find it clear. it says to add debug or test to a shortcut of the game. but does it mean i have to put it in the parameters of the shortcut or the name (eg. gamedebug.exe)? thank you for any and all help in advance.
  7. TheDrifter

    Allow mouse wheel to scroll up or down menus

    Greetings, I recognize this is kind of an odd request, but I am looking for a script that allows the mouse wheel to be used for scrolling up or down menus. No, I am not looking for a full mouse script for clicking stuff or anything, I am already using Shaz's Super Simple Mouse Script for that...
  8. CharcoalKidd

    Disable skill through script?

    I'm writing a script, but I can't figure out how to gray out a skill. I'm trying to gray out any skill that has a TP cost higher than another variable I've previously determined. I've trying friggin' around with "enable?(skill)" under Window_SkillList, but that hasn't yielded anything. Suggestions?
  9. Tornado Samurai

    [RMVXA] Horror Game - Enable Save and Items Only

    Hi, I'm Tornado Summoner. (This topic may have been posted before and the only things close to what I was searching for was uncompatible with RMVXA.) I am currently in the process of developing a horror game and I would like to disable the tabs in the game menu such as "Skills", "Equipment"...

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