1. Encounter Bar Script for (RPG Maker XP) Request. *Edited*

    Good day. I'm in need with encounter bar script because when I set random encounter and average step such as; 30 steps before battle processing. It is not 30 steps. Sometime it's only 2 step then battle which is very annoying. So, is there any script that shows encounter bar? When the bar is...
  2. Sketchward

    Editing Encounters in Map Regions by Variable

    What I'm trying to accomplish: My map is split into 16 Regions using the RPG Maker MV Region system. Seperate variables in each region called "MonstersRemaining" are decremented by 1 after each battle, tracking how many monsters remain. If it becomes equal to zero, I would like encounters to...
  3. tale

    Splash Encounter Fadeout/Fadein Effect

    BattleSplashFade - Sep 20, 2016 Creator name: Sasuke KANNAZUKI (thx to Mokusei Penguin) Overview Set splash fadeout/fadein effect at launch for battle. Note: this plugin cannot be used with other plugin for fadein effect. Features - Parameters to set FadeOut/Fadein Effect - and you can...
  4. Warilized

    Help in identifying problem with encounter

    So I tested my game but it has a problem when random encounter happen. I tested with different enemies I made Slime, Bat, and Wolf. But when I tested it with Bat troops, this happens. Other enemy troops doesn't return this error regardless of how many enemies in one encounter. Is it because of...
  5. Black Pagan

    Monster Encounters in a Survival Game

    Do you prefer Monster Encounters in a Survival Game ? What is your opinion on Visible Encounters in a Survival Game ? (Visible enemies) Do you prefer Visible or Invisible Monster Encounters ? A Survival game would be any game where the Player is forced to manage additional stats such as...
  6. tale

    Debug mode before battle

    FTKR_OriginalDebugMode - 2018/04/02 v1.0.0 Creator name: フトコロ (futokoro) Introduction Add-on to original debug mode Features This function can only be used during playtest. Debug mode: press F10 key Debug mode controls- ↑ ↓ key :Move the cursor → ← key or Enter key...
  7. Yawgmoth

    HIME_RandomEncounterEvents Plugin Setup for MV

    Hi all, I am trying out a new plugin that allows me to call a common event before a random encounter. In this case I am calling a battle intro. This plugin requires me to set a variable id in the plugin's parameters and create a common event. During test play it tells me to press F9 and alter...
  8. tale

    sabakan - Enemy Battle Effects

    Enemy Battle Effects - 10/03/19 (version 0.32) Creator name: sabakan Overview Changes enemy battle effects with appearance, damage shake, and when enemy attacks. Settings: - Enable appearance - Sound effect when enemy appears - Shake when damage is done to enemy - Enable movement when enemy...
  9. tale

    VX Ace Battlebacks (50) for XP/ +Icons

    I did some scale work and cropping to fit in with RPG Maker XP. These could be an alternative for a set of battlebacks. Image format: jpeg (Icons: png) Includes- Brick, Bridge, Castle, Castle2, Castle3, Cliff, Clouds, Crystals, CrystalTranslucent, DarkSpace, DemonCastle1, DemonCastle2...
  10. TyRantula

    Random events

    Hey Super new to RPGMaker What Im trying to accomplish is having a horizontally looping map in between important locations with a random chance to trigger a number of random events (text events leading to npc encounters, battles, new locations, items, etc) and maybe after X amount of random...
  11. Buff/state for X number of encounters

    Couple of things here. First, is there anyway to have a STATIC number instead of % for parameter buffs on states? Second how can I get this to last for say, 2 encounters? Like say I want a temporary +5 attack buff to last for 2 battles then is goes away. How do I go about doing this?
  12. NinjaKittyProductions

    Pop up encounters like in Zelda 2...

    Hey all, I have been searching high and low and cannot find what I am particularly looking for, nor do I have the programming knowledge as of yet to accomplish this. I am looking for a plugin that will display random encounters similarly to how they appear in the game Zelda 2: the Adventure of...
  13. Keiro

    Pokemon Type Trainer Encounters

    So I have enemies that stay in a certain area, and I want to be able to have them approach the player if they enter a certain distance in front of them. How would I do this?
  14. Milennin

    Thoughts on regular encounters?

    As an RPG staple, what are your thoughts on regular battle encounters? What are your methods to keep these interesting, without going overboard and making every battle feel like a death match? Common complaints I see when watching people play RPGs: -The battles are boring because the enemies...
  15. JtheDuelist

    Equipment that effects random encounter types?

    I am wanting to create a piece of equipment that raises stats of the equipped user, but in return cause the party to begin encountering a specific enemy via random encounter- In the case of my project, normally a specific enemy is never encountered in normal play, but when a party member has a...
  16. atoms

    How many random encounters would you like per dungeon (not including bosses)?

    This is a question that has been on my mind a lot lately, what the amount of encounters players prefer with each dungeon in the game. So I decided to make a poll and discussion about it, I think it could be useful for a lot of developers and definitely myself. I haven't included how many turns...
  17. tale

    Battle Start Message

    dsBattleStartMessage - ver1.1.0 (2018/06/24) Creator name: Douraku Overview Allows you to change enemy encounter message at the start of battle. Features - No text window announcement from the start of battle. - Able to change "max line", "line space", "timing" with a parameter. - Added...
  18. tale

    Dynamic Encounter Effect [MV & MZ]

    MPP_EncounterEffect - 2020/12/11 (ver. 3.2) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Change the effect at the time of encounter to a special effect. Note: This plugin is for RPG Maker MV and MZ. Features - 3 Encounter effects - Set where the effect take place on specific character - Change...
  19. Runako

    !!Moghunter's "Elnard Enemy Encounter"!!

    Moghunter created an amazing script for Rpg maker vx ace. This script combined random encounters and on-map encounters seamlessly. Why I have not seen this moved over to MV, I have no clue. The system: - Drew a minimap that showed a player dot (represented by a blue dot) and multiple enemy dots...
  20. Resetting Map Events

    So I've got enemy encounters setup as events on the map, and I'm looking for a way to to setup an event that resets them. Does anyone know a good way to implement this? BTW, I don't want them to automatically reset every time the player switches maps. Right now I'm thinking that I could have...

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