1. piksalh

    Eoncounter for moving events

    Howdy dear makers, Could you help me to solve a problem? I use specific moving system in my game world map. Basically the player is a pointer and moves around the map to choose where to go for a plane event. When the player hits enter, the plane event starts to go to the target tile by auto...
  2. Negi-Mox

    I can't give it a title to what I want to ask?So read the Description.

    I can't give this thread a title,so I'am stuck with a problem it's not a problem but kinda of a problem.So the problem is I'am making a game so in that game there a wall of spikes so when ever the player seteps at the tile ahead the wall spikes should came out and then kill the player.It's like...
  3. leakymilky

    Battle by collision

    So what im trying to do is to make it to where battles are not random so to say, but more along the lines of you see the enemy creatures in the game walking around the area map and when you walk into them (or if there is a way to have an attack animate on the game outside of battle) then itll...
  4. Naveed

    Navash Random Encounter Bar

    Navash Random Encounter Bar Latest Version: v1.20 Introduction and Features: This Plugin creates a small window with a gauge that fills up as the player gets closer to a random encounter. When the gauge is full, the random encounter will be triggered. The random encounter bar only appears if...
  5. Runako

    Moghunter's Elnard Enemy Encounter

    Description: In 2014 Moghunter created an amazing script for RPG maker Vx Ace: Elnard Enemy Encounter. This script changed the dynamics of random battle. Instead of roaming around and randomly encountering an enemy, your encounter was contingent upon a mini map. There were red dots on the mini...
  6. Verdelite

    Immunity from visible map encounters after battle

    Hello, I am implementing on-map encounters using Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin. The problem that I've run into is that if the player is being chased closely by two or more events and engaged into battle, then if the other enemy has already reached him as well, the player will be engaged...
  7. Battles and Encounter like ragnarok

    I don't know the term of what I am looking but what i want to ask is... Is there a plugin that when I attack an enemy, it will not lead me to another map or battle map or another dimension, but rather its an automatic fight on that same map just like zenonia, ragnarok? Thanks a lot
  8. Battle Music

    Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I am new. Anyway, I have an issue where I want different music for boss battles than the classic one. Can someone please help? This is in Rpg Maker MV.
  9. Cvrtis

    Start Encounter battle effect

    Hello, I have not found a similar theme or script, so my question is: there are somewhere the script with settings effect when encounter battle start? (I means effect when flash and zoom). I want to change that effect or, on first time, at least, turn it off. Thank You. UPD. I'm...
  10. Creating an encounter gauge on the map (not the battle sequence)

    I am trying to put a rectangle on my map screen, sort of like if there was a HUD there. Is there an example or tutorial on how to draw to the map screen?
  11. Kuronokun

    Disable Escape on Random Encounter

    Hello ! I'm looking for a way to disable Escape in Random Encounter. Thank you for your help !
  12. The Commander

    Collapse animation when boss is still alive?

    I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, and what I'm what I'm wanting to do is for one particular boss encounter, I want the boss to show the collapse animation as a "transform" transition I guess. Example, a boss has one battler image, but about 15 to 10% health, the battler image shows the boss collapse...
  13. _Shadow_

    Request: Encounters. Control them using a script command.

    So I was thinking, we right click on a map name on the map list. We select Map Properties. And there is that huge Encounters List that is empty. We fill it with Troop to encounter, weight and range (whole map or a region). Question 1: Assume you got a map called MyMap. Can what I described...
  14. Roguedeus

    RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    This is my AP Combat Mechanic, a plugin for Yanlfy's Battle Engine. (This script is no longer being developed... The version here is the final version) This script is no longer supported in any meaningful way, besides maintaining links. I hope you understand, that after several years of not...
  15. KyoAkashi

    Encounters based on items

    Hello!   I wanted to ask if it is possible to raise the percentage etc of random encounters by having certain items in your inventory. Example:   Monster: Fox Encounter rate: 5% with the Item " Fox Light" Encounter rate: 10% Thank you for your help!  
  16. DoubleX RMVXA Encounter Step

    DoubleX RMVXA Encounter Step v1.01a by DoubleX Introduction Lets users get and set encounter steps and times per region per map. Those values are permanently stored even after changing maps. Features Use of script calls(requires knowledge of script calls) to get and set encounter steps and...
  17. Jernau Gurgeh

    Can I cheat Death? Or, how to disable 'Game Over' after party demise in encounter battle.

    I'm starting work on my initial project in RPMVXa which is going to be a personalised RPG-lite adventure featuring my young nieces & nephews - all 8 of them. The limited amount of combat will be event-based, skipable and there's no death - if everyone in the party gets knocked out ('dies') in...
  18. Edit

    Encounter rate changeable within the opinions menu.

    Hi all! I'm fairly new to RPG Maker but I have limited scripting knowledge would like help with a opinion within the menu screen that could change the encounter rate.  It doesn't have to be fancy - an 'On' and 'Off' for encounters would be great!  If any of you have played Bravely Default, that...
  19. MartaLualdi

    Tales Of~ Battle Advantage

    For those who aren't familiar with the Tales Of Series, basically depending on which position you touch an enemy, you either get preemptive bonuses, or surprise attack debuffs. If you touch the enemy from behind, you get the advantage, on the other hand if the enemy touches your back they get...
  20. BeardBro

    Hero of the Living - Encounters of the Boss Kind

    Hero of the Living was created for the 'Encounters of the Boss Kind' event. This game was created in 8.3 hours using the RPG Maker XP engine. Hero of the Living features a complex and flexible battle system that caters to numerous playstyles. You can stagger your foe so that your attacks deal...

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