1. OM3GA-Z3RO

    World Map encounter help

    Hiya Raath21 is a little busy to post this so I am doing on his behalf, he is busy making the world map now for our game project but he is having difficulty in making encounters on the world map, he wants to know how to make certain monsters appear on a certain area of the world map and some...
  2. Napoleon

    Encounter Restrictions

    Restrict Encounters v1.00 Napoleon Introduction Gives you much more control about the amount of encounters per map and per troop type. Features - Set how many times you can fight an enemy troop per map. - Optional: set a maximum number of battles that can be fought for each map. - Optional...
  3. SwordArtOnline

    Encounter bug

    I have a problem on the map properties for a map of mine there are slime and slimes*2 and that's it but every once in a while I get a succubuss and it is the first dungeon map so you don't have a chance of winning I've tried everything to get rid of it even adding it to Map properties and...
  4. Fixing a bugged forced encounter!

    I'm trying to program an encounter where my protagonist is joined by her first teamate, and it's not going exactly as I planned. See, the event is supposed to go: Protagonist talks to themselves as they walk (check), they hear a monster noise and freak out (check) ally suddenly appears and they...
  5. Des

    Enemy Encounters: What You're Doing Wrong

    Pretty much every RPG makes use of battle encounters as its primary gameplay mechanic. In some RPGs, battles are the only real gameplay in the whole game—I’ve seen lots of games where the whole purpose of walking around on some maps is to just go from one battle to another. Most of the time...

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