1. LinkDrako

    Random Encounter + Player Transfer

    So, what I want to do is create a variable that stores the players position constantly per movement, and when the player hits an encounter (which I would also like to store a random percentage roll variable to draw the encounter based on region) I want it to randomly transfer that player to one...
  2. Soryuju

    Longer But Fewer Normal Encounters

    How do you feel about the concept of making regular battles in games somewhat longer and more involved (with appropriately scaled rewards), but reducing the overall frequency of encounters in exchange? I want to talk a bit about my own project for context, but then open it back up to a more...
  3. Beginning a New Game and Need Help knowing where to look.

    Hello all I am looking to make a game that will boil down to a series of 3 vs 3 party battles. The mechanic's I am having trouble figuring out are. Setting up my encounter space. The image that is attached is a rough mockup of how I would like the battle screen to look. The file is...
  4. RMVNex

    More enemies or less but tougher enemies with higher rewards?

    Before answering I'll explain what my game is like. The game play revolves around selecting 3 of 16 heroes (maybe more but this is all I have planned for now and this is how I plan to keep it) to form a team. There are warriors, mages, tanks and support characters. Only 1 will be able to...
  5. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Question about Troops and Encounter Tables

    Working on making encounter tables for a game and am concerned we may run into some trouble with the troop limit...different areas of the game will be leveled differently, so we are running into issues where you may see the same troop at 3 or 4 different levels of strength throughout the game...
  6. LadyBaskerville

    Guide to On-Map Encounters

    Guide to On-Map Encounters Hello everyone! In this tutorial I will show you how to create enemies as events on the map instead of random encounters. Everything in this tutorial can be done without plugins or script calls. This tutorial consists of three sections. In the first section, we will...
  7. wrigty12

    Conditional Map Encounters

    TDW Conditional Map Encounters - v 1.00 wrigty12 Intro - If you are making a game that has weak monsters while your player is weak, wouldn't it be nice if that same area had totally different monsters when they came back much stronger? With this plugin, you can set certain Conditions that...
  8. Dacuna

    Encounters While Moving

    Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that allows random encounters while the player is moving by Set Move Route. For instance, when I make the player move from one side of the dungeon to the other automatically, I would like random encounters to happen (they don't by default, apparently)...
  9. IAmVianca

    Script Call For Changing Encounter Rate?

    So, this is still part of my on-going crusade to complete my items database. One of the items I have made (or am trying to make) is an item that increases the encounter rate for a set amount of time. Now, I've set up everything except for actually HAVING that effect on the item. I was...
  10. Maliki79

    Maliki's Encounter Rate Options ver 1.4a

    Maliki's Encounter Rate Option Menu ver 1.5 Features: This Plugin allows players the freedom to edit the random encounter rate via the Options Menu up to and including complete removal of random battles. This is done via percentages. Developers can edit the...
  11. Custom Random Encounter/Event Spawner

    Random Encounter/Event Spawner   So you do not like the standard random encounter system, but evented encounters are too static. The solution is to have random evened encounters.   After looking at the script request forum I found requests for procedural flora and other things, making...
  12. Tsukihime

    Random Encounter Events

    In RPG Maker, you can set up your maps so that the player will randomly encounter enemies. You can choose what enemies will be present on the map, what regions they will be available in, how often they will show up, and so on. During the game, the player can then explore your maps and...
  13. Wavelength

    What's the Point of All Those Encounters?

    Whether you do it with swords, fire, or laser beams, cutting your way through hundreds of slimes, demons, and nameless enemy soliders in isolated encounters is pretty much a staple element of the JRPG genre.  Combined with exploration, party management, and sometimes puzzle-solving, these Random...
  14. Teivel

    Encounters! Your opinions.

    What do you think, personally about encounters? I want to make a large scale RPG Maker project, I am building the team, story and whatever currently (Not the project "Not Another RPG!"). I was wondering if you would prefer: 1) A well designed random encounter system where key battles were made...
  15. Dacuna

    Random Encounters When Moving

    In one section of my game, I'm making a labyrinth where the character moves on his own, in the direction the player chooses. For instance, the character moves down, and when he reaches an intersection, the player chooses "Left" or "Right". The only problem is, I want to add in random...
  16. bwr1123

    Monster Synthesis System

    So I've asked around a bit, and I'm still in need of assistance. This is a bit of a task, but if it can happen, I would be incredibly grateful. For my game, rather than the persistent (and somewhat annoying) random encounter system, I want to create a system where the player can not only bring...
  17. Tsukihime

    Random Encounter Events

    This script allows you to run a common event when you encounter an enemy through "random encounter". When the common event finishes executing, the random encounter battle will begin. In this common event, you have the opportunity to run some extra logic before the battle occurs. The enemy...
  18. Tsukihime

    Understanding Large Troops

    This article discusses some of the limitations in RPG Maker's troop editor, explore some workarounds, and then look at a few solutions that have been implemented to address these limitations. I assume you have a general idea what troops are, but just so we are all on the same page I provide a...
  19. wrigty12

    Encounters determined by a variable

    I have a time system set up for a portion of my game. I use a variable to represent the current hour said time is. Is there a way to make certain encounters only appear during certain "hours"( i.e. when a variable is a certain value range?) For example: When variable is from 10-18, daytime...
  20. Tsukihime

    Encounter Regions

    This script provides finer control over regions and encounters. As a review, an encounter can have up to three regions, including no region. When no region is specified, the encounter can show up anywhere. When a region is specified, the encounter will only show up on tiles that have the same...

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