1. Tsukihime

    Enhancing troop functionality

    A troop is a collection of enemies. The troop editor in the database allows you to visually place enemies on the screen and set up troop events that will run during battle. These troops are then set up as random encounters on a map or as evented battles. A number of scripts are available...
  2. Retrophile

    Godlike Rodents: Rule of Thumb for Balanced Encounters

    A Narrative Introduction System Overview With few exceptions, balance is a make-or-break issue for RPGs - console, tabletop, or otherwise. Unfortunately, the average RPG Maker user (or DM, for that matter) isn't going to spend much time in the nitty-gritty of hit points, mana, and attack...
  3. JLeeT82

    Invisible Encounters (ACE)

    Working on a survival horror RPG. Part of this design is that I am going to emphasize unique monster encounters. One of the creatures I am working on begins the encounter completely invisible with a high evasion rate. Upon striking the enemy down to 80%hp, the enemy becomes visible. This is fine...
  4. Lowell

    Game Design 101: Encounters

    In the Rpg Maker Community, one of the many overlooked areas is battles. A majority of users tend to make basic creatures with stats randomly thrown about to give the illusion of a difficult fight, never using a theme or giving them a specified role in combat. In an effort to improve upon this...

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I've signed up for a job training program for people with Asperger's Syndrome. I went to a "test run" today so they could see how well I did with simple jobs, and I amazed them. Most new people do it in 30+ minutes, while I finished in a mere 15 minutes. Gives me time to work on a screenplay for Studio MDHR...

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