1. Using Abel-Ruffini theorem on encryptions

    The complete microsoft word file can be downloaded here(as a raw file) Summary The whole password setup/change process is as follows: 1. The client inputs the user ID and its password in plaintext 2. A salt for hashing the password in plaintexts will be randomly...
  2. JacSkulls

    Problem with Deploying Games on Plugins

    Hello. Not sure if there's another Forum about this topic or not. Or if I'm in the right place to discuss this. Yes, this is MZ. I notice when trying to deploy the game and then adding things that won't recognize it as being part of the game with it. I clicked on the Plugin and saw that even...
  3. Luuskamunez

    I losted my game master folder when i had to format my computer

    I had to format my computer and forgot to get the master folder for my game. Practically all I have is .exe, audio folder and system, etc. (basically, I had to encrypt it to post a demo of it). How can I use what I have to continue making my game?
  4. atoms

    Encrypt Plugins/Few Resources Only?

    I'm planning to make an Adventure/Exploring type of game in RPG Maker MV. I think I'd like it to be unencrypted. Almost everything is fine since it'll mostly be entirely RTP and etc. The only problem is, I may decide to use a plugin I purchased. I don't want everyone to be able to open the...
  5. How to detect save file modification?

    I've downloaded this Enigma Virtual Box software, to make all of my game data that I exported from RPG MAKER MV into one giant "game.exe" file. So now the players can't mess around with the games ressources like the js or json files. The problem now is, if the user want's to save they're game...
  6. DeyJay5

    How to encrypt music files? (RPG Maker VX Ace)

    I would like to use music in my game that I have purchased from various Royalty Free websites, including Pond5. These websites clearly state that you cannot make the raw file accessible in your project. For example, Pond5's terms of use state that you cannot: "place it on or in any product or...
  7. Iliketea

    Other ways to encrypt a file than enigma box?

    Hi guys,  I am having a problem with the enigma visual box. After I encrypt my deployed file with it the encrypted game crashes randomly. Before encryption it works without problem! And I made sure to follow the instructions in the RPG Maker MV help file point for point and it worked...
  8. Project Encryption

    I've recently been thinking about uploading my game and putting it in the "Early Project Feedback Forums" however I've run into a bit of an issue. I only use the default MV assets, and the pre-order DLC, but I remember reading that the DLC requires some form of encryption. This didn't seem like...
  9. estriole


     ■ Information      ╒═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╛ #============================================================================== # EST - [Z - ENCRYPTER] #============================================================================== # Author  : Estriole # Version ...
  10. Matseb2611

    Protecting Audio Folder

    Hello there. I've searched the forum and I noticed this topic has come up before but none of those threads really had proper answers. I do realise that when encrypting a game, the audio folder doesn't get protected together with the other resources, so I was wondering if there was a way to do...

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