1. KineticDog

    MV Include Resources Introduced by Unofficial Approaches during Encryption Deployment

    Hi there. I know that when 'Exclude unused files', 'Encryption - Image files' and 'Encryption - Audio files' options are selected. Only images and audios used in game will be included and encrypted. But I find that this is only limited to resources in rpgmaker default image and audio folders...
  2. Light Encryption for RPG Maker MV?

    Were it up to me I'd post my game without any encryption. It's not hard to get around encryption and the very very few people who would want to, have the means to do so online. However, the terms of service of some (or all) paid dlc requires encryption. So, from what I understand, the options...
  3. Protect option.

    Hello. I have a question about protect my game. By default. Have a protect option? (or Do i need use the plugin?) I mean encryption or obfuscation. Thk read.
  4. _Shadow_

    Text file strings to array

    Hello again community. It happens that I want a plugin to be able to do two things (same plugin can do both). 1] Take text from file and add it on Array Variable of our choice. Then call it like \v[1][2] (third entry on variable 1) 2] ... if we leave a containing method intact. Otherwise...
  5. FleshToDust

    Encryption: Failed to load sound effect

    I'm getting an error when I try pasting js info into rpg_managers. When It's deployed normally everything works fine(I clicked both encrypt image and audio files) but when I paste the info then upon startup I get an error saying it failed to load a sound effect. The sound effect is the clicking...
  6. Nightblade50

    Lost RM game

    No idea where this should go, so I stuck it here. If it should be moved, great :) I put my game Delta Origins on Dropbox. But I was locked out of dropbox due to losing the two factor authentication code (extra security) and I have no way to get it. :( I have an old backup, but it is very old...
  7. Grandro

    PIXI can't use encrypted images

    Is there any way that a PIXI graphic object can use an image which got encrypted by the RPG Maker?
  8. Help with encrypting plugins

    I'm just about ready to distribute my game, but I just noticed RM doesn't do anything to its js files. People can literally just modify the game however they want in a "deployed" version of a game by modifying those files.. I've been browsing around the past forum post and have seen lots of...
  9. afternoon700

    I can't encrypt my files.

    I used option 'Exclude unused files' encrypting both image and audio files. I left the encryption key blank(b/c I didn't know what to put in there), and when I deploy and try to play the game, the game won't work and pops up messages such as 'cannot find file(image, music, etc). Platform is...
  10. Parallax Panda

    EULA, Encryption and Browser deployment

    Ok, there are a bunch of different EULA's out there obviously, but most of them (all of them?) share this clause that you can't share a game you've made (with the DLC) unless it's encrypted. With MV you can encrypt your game as you deploy them, but, what about if you want to deploy a game to be...
  11. Sarlecc

    Learning Encryption...

    This thread is an exercise to learn more about encryption and improve my experiments the purpose is not to make a solid JavaScript encryption method. Anyway my latest experiment involves a dual pass method, a string and a number. The string pass can take virtually any character (giving it...
  12. erikmidnatt

    (Resolved) Loading Error with Encrypted deployment

    EDIT RESOLVED: Figured it out. It's Galv's plugin for the title screen that needs the regular image. so I fixed it, for now. I hope ^_^ -------------------- I am on version 1.5.0 I have encrypted my deployment My project was "updated" to 1.5.0 via the method defined in...
  13. silversteampunk

    Encrypted deployment can't read images or audio

    I was testing deployment and I tried encrypting it and the game wouldn't load the encrypted images. (I believe it was also not loading audio files) I copy and pasting the unencrypted pngs into the game fold and the program could then read them. What is causing this? Also I noticed...
  14. gregbaby

    Any decent/relatively effective encrytion tools/methods for VX Ace?

    Hello all, I will (in the near future) be releasing my game commercially and want to protect the scripts and art I've personally paid for via commission work. They didn't come cheap so I'd like to know of any methods I can utilize to protect my game. The standard compression in VXAce (as many...
  15. Verdelite

    MOGHunter's Picture Gallery and Encryption

    Hello, I've run into the following issue when using MOG Hunter's Picture Gallery Plugin: If I deploy my project using RMMV's image encryption, the gallery can no longer be accessed. Instead of opening what should be the gallery screen, I am stuck with a "Now loading" message. The plugin works...
  16. hALPP encryption problem :P

    is there some problem with the encryption?? idk why but when i try to encypt the image's and the audio of my game using the built in encyption i cant start the game! ... the error alway's say's there's no (basically all of the image's) png. but that's the thing encryption do XD guys.... help....
  17. About encryption

    I want to know if i make a demo or completed game with MV RTP sources if they must be encrypted. Also, what about open projects within game download?Is it allowable?I want my game to be non-commercial BTW.
  18. How to put in Notetag Folders and Encrypt?

    Okay, I have a problem. So, when you deploy a game in MV, you can have it exclude all unused files, but that doesn't include files that are called with notetags. For example, when using Yanfly's Animated SV Battlers plugin, it won't work because important files are not included. The solution...
  19. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Encryption Discussion

    All, Since I intend to release a commercial game *eventually*, I've been looking into what comes after game creation has been finalized.  I'm seeing many, many opinions on Encryption, and that there are "degrees" of encryption.  What is the acceptable route to go?  Do I have to hire someone...
  20. chawksworth

    Legal Questions Regarding Commercial Deployment

    So, these are questions regarding commercial deployment and/or distribution of a game once it is completed.  RPG Maker MV is the version that I am using just as an FYI. I didn't see anything in the ToS or EULA expressly forbidding these two things in particular, and they both seem to fall...

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