1. TheDrifter

    Any way to run an event immediately the moment a battle ends?

    Hi, I know SumRndmDde made a nifty plugin called Battle End Events, which lets you run events at the end of every battle, but unfortunately it's too slow. I need events to be run before the Item spoils & EXP / Level up messages appear. Is there a way to force an event to be run the moment that...
  2. Quanee

    Battle result request/help

    Hi, After few days of digging into Yanfly's Victory Aftermath and Moghunter's battle result plugins I came to conclusion that it's beyond me to set either of them the way I want. I have come close with Mog's one, but in order to do certain things I'd need to re-write some stuff which I sadly...
  3. Hollow 1977

    Fairy Tail - I like it because?

    Well sadly the Fairy Tail manga has ended. I will not discuss the ending here as I do not want to spoil it for those who have not read it thru yet. However I wanted to ask those Fairy Tail followers what you like best about the manga. Is it the characters, plot, or maybe the battles?
  4. Rhaeami

    A way to promptly end the player's turn

    The title is purposefully a bit vague, because there are a number of potential solutions, but here is my problem: I'm currently using Yanfly's FTB battle script, which allows you to freely scroll left-and-right through your party members entering commands in any order. I use this to simulate a...
  5. Lunarcomplex

    Script for End Current Turn in Battle?

    I would like to create an auto battle system, similar to inflation RPG. You encounter an enemy and you attack first, then they attack, and it repeats, you don't really have any other options. In order to do this without plugins I'm trying to force the player to attack which can be done with an...
  6. nanokan

    Nanokan's [Godlike shop]

    So here you can decide, what you woud,to doing for you! List of Your Desire. Window Logo Titel Screen Game Over Screen Shield Banner Logo for your City or continent or what i thing you need a Banner Tiles World-Tiles Parallax World Tiles HD Parallax World Tiles ( a New Style for me...
  7. shiori4me

    [ACE] Have it so the starting battle or returning to map after battle doesn't fade the screen in?

    I want to have it so that I fade the screen out then start a battle and it will stay that way until I manually turn it back on, or if I fade out the screen mid-battle, I can have it so that when I return to the field, the screen will stay faded out until I change it. This is for special events...
  8. DeyJay5

    How do I make a custom menu with just two options?

    Hello, I am making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace and I would like to know how I can make the menu very simple with only two options: Resume - where it exits the menu and you keep playing, and; End Game / Quit - where you exit the game If anyone knows how to do this please tell me. Thank you. :)

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