1. ovate

    Opening Crawl (scrolling text)

    Star Wars style scrolling text Creator name: Saara Terms of Use Non-commercial use: OK Commercial use: you may feel free if you're careful Redistribution: credit required Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: credit required For RPG Maker VX Ace Script set up In Customization-...
  2. Hollow 1977

    Why did it end this way?

    Just finished Geobreeders manga. But when I got to the end It's kind of weird the comic was funny and did not really seem to be serious till the end which I am not sure what the author was thinking. So I ask you is there any anime, manga, or game that you feel got left unfinished or an ending...
  3. Gamingstar

    Collectibles to beat the game

    Hey everyone! I have a mechanic in my game where you need to have a certain amount of an item to beat the game (Item only obtainable via quest) and I need some ideas for what that item will be, any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. Milennin

    Endgame in RPGs

    Do you like games that have something to do after finishing the main story, or are you the type to quit after playing the story and move on to other games? What kind of extras do you like seeing after finishing a game? Discuss.
  5. Pasta5321

    RPG Maker VX Ace final scene help

    Hey RPGmaker forums! I just bought RPG Maker VX Ace on the Steam Summer sale and have had a lot of fun experimenting and such with it. I'm not close to finishing the game I've been starting, but wanted to ask this question while it was fresh on my mind. For the final scene in my game I wanted it...
  6. Jericho Swain

    Best way to create multiple endings ?

    Hi what is the best way to create multiple endings ? Of course I want this to be done according to the choices the player makes in the game. So I was thinking about doing switches but I read that having a lot of switches on can slow down the game so I want to know what is the best way you all...

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