1. Enelvon

    Demiurge -- A Notes Manager and Extensible Database (Updated to v1.1)

    Demiurge v1.1 by Enelvon     Introduction Demiurge is a program designed to simplify the management of the popular "Note tag" style of script configuration. It is also capable of acting as an extensible database if one possesses a basic knowledge of the way that JRuby interfaces with Java --...
  2. Enelvon

    Twitch Plays RPG Maker (A Truly Vile Ritual, v1.0)

    Twitch Plays RPG Maker v1.0 by Enelvon Introduction This grimoire uses my knowledge of dark magic to channel the corrupted power of the internet's denizens into RPG Maker. By trapping their essences inside the engine, they are forced to play the game to the best of their (questionable)...
  3. Enelvon

    Target Manager v1.0 (Initial Release)

    SES Target Manager v1.0 by Enelvon Introduction This script is designed to provide a more useful Target Manager than the one present in the base Ace scripts. It *may* work with custom battle systems as long as they don’t contain their own target managers, but may conflict with them in terms...
  4. Enelvon

    SES Bestiary v1.2 (Now with Demiurge plugin!)

    SES Bestiary v1.2 by Enelvon Introduction This script is intended to provide an extremely customizable bestiary for use in a variety of situations. Every aspect of the layout can be altered by the developer, including the number of pages and types of information displayed. Future updates are...
  5. Enelvon

    Window_Book v3.0 (First Standalone Public Release)

    Window Book v3.0 by Enelvon Introduction This script is essentially a scripter's resource, but it has been optimized for use by those with little-to-no experience in scripting. It provides a parent class for multi-page windows, with a focus on those used to display information (though it is...

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