enemy ai

  1. NeoShima

    How can I make my enemies use spells ?

    Well, In my game I have a fire spell and I have an enemy called "Fire Spirit". I want the enemy to use a fire spell. How can I make it? I'm a noob.
  2. OmnislashXX

    Battle A.I.

    Short of downloading Yanfly Battle A.I., is there any way to make monsters specifically target another monster? I want them to use buffs on one specific monster, but my experience with the A.I suggests that they won't do so. Either that or buff something different.
  3. theolis-wolfpaw

    Yanfly AI - Enemies not Targeting Correctly

    Oh boy, so I've been making these wasp enemies and have been running into so many issues, simply because they interact with other enemies. First I couldn't get them to keep track of how many of them there were, now I'm having trouble getting them to target a flower. I know that sounds weird, so...
  4. Sixth

    Basic Enemy AI Module for Falcao's ABS - v1.2 (02/09/2015)

    - Script: - Demo: Nop, not now! :p - Author's Notes: This script will let you setup some basic AI for your enemies without the use of countless switches and condition checks. You can also save yourself from adding tons of 'use_tool()' script calls and dozens of repeated...
  5. Mr. Trivel

    Enemy AI - Checks & Tables

    What does it do? Instead of using Attack Patterns in database which don’t allow for much customization. All enemy patterns will be written in module allowing more complex and varying interactions in the battle.   How the AI works: AI goes through every Check in order, checking conditions for...

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