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  1. Fernyfer775

    Enemy Levels + Class Trouble

    Hello! So, I was using a previous version of the Hime's Enemy Class script and it worked flawlessly with Yanfly's Enemy level script, but after updating the class script to the most recent one, I get this error: If I don't give an enemy a class, the above error occurs, whereas it didn't...

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When you're forced to make a tutorial for something obvious.
one dislike. tragic really ofended me bruh
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Update: I finished the combat arena! My goodness, it took a while! There were numerous little bugs to squash.
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Hi regarding the 32 bit -> 64 bit
I am running on a 64 bit windows OS and tried doing this conversion. I converted all of the .exe files that I could find in the KADOKAWA\RPGMV folder using the 4gbpatch.exe file. However, after trying to access RPG Maker MV after this conversion, it simply will not load. Do you have any advice or any ideas?

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