enemy kill count

  1. MorsVictrix

    Event report how many monsters have been killed

    Hi, I need some help. It probably shouldn't be too hard, but I'm somewhat new at all this. If I make a map full of monsters and use Shaz's Kill Counter to count the number of monsters killed - plugin link: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/kill-counter.56923/ Is there a way that...
  2. OpheliaEnigma

    Enemy Kill Counters Plugin

    Enemy Kill Counters Plugin+1.0.0 OpheliaEnigma Introduction Allows the developer to save the number of defeated enemies on different game variables. Features This plugin allows us to do the following features without the need for any plugin command or any aditional effort from the game's...
  3. Kes

    Counting enemy kills per actor

    I need a way of counting how many enemies each actor has actually killed either using physical, magical or certain hit. I thought I had this because I have a script which uses variables to show this information in the Status window. However, it seems that it just adds them for the Status...

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Would anyone be interested in an FFX-style quotes plugin that shows a little gab window when an actor is about to kill/crit an enemy or with a chance for a quote on things like inflicting states and hitting weaknesses?
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