enemy troops

  1. Calling no. of enemy troops in region/map

    Sorry in advance if I can't see the wood for the trees. Broad view: Generic 'please clear map of enemies to advance game' quest First idea: Use conditional branching event to check for live enemy troops and then turn on switch which acts as success state when none are present. Thing I need...
  2. PedroCardoso

    Enemies won't change their status condition

    Hello there. Got a problem here. Simply put, in Enemies' Troops, I commanded via event that a given enemy would change its condition. The problem is - it doesn't change its condition. Everything else seems to be working just fine, but the command "Change enemy's condition" doesn't work. I want a...
  3. Blue001

    Item Families and Leveled Lists (Like in Skyrim/Fallout)

    What it would be used for. Open World Games Non-Grind Games you would rather have the story drive the player forward and not require leveling specifically to continue the narrative. Say I would like to make an open world game that has things like drops and encounters seemingly "level up" as...

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