1. RMMV Changing WebM (Animated Enemy Image) during battle.

    I am using KageDesu's VPlayer plugin to allow my enemies image to become a looping WebM. However, I would like to switch between different animated WebMs to represent my enemy art during battle, is there a script or way to do this? I can achieve switching static enemy images through Weak Enemy...
  2. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly Enevy Ai. Check for party buffs

    For enemy AI how can you have them check for an actor buff? I got the following but it seems I'm missing something. Eval $gameActors.actor(1)._buffs[3] === 0: Skill 12, Random Thanks.
  3. Combine Action Patterns

    Hey guys! Is it possible to combine an enemy's action patterns? Here's an example on what an enemy could look like with this, let's say a basic Goblin: When at over half health, the Goblin always uses "Attack", with a rating of 5. When at half health or less, the Goblin now uses "Attack"...
  4. Mr-Kangaroo

    Is it Possible to Make Enemy Specific BGM?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is some hidden setting that allows BGM to change to the random encounter ID? The desired effect is just having enemy specific music. I'd rather the butterflies not have the same battle music as the wolves. :') Could I somehow make it location dependent as...
  5. wanderingRapscallion

    Drawing ememy below the textboxes?

    Don't mind the test sprites, again. How could I make it so the enemies appear below the textboxes? I'm using PKD_VPlayer for the enemies if that means anything
  6. coucassi

    Coucassi's Creature Sounds

    MV's RTP is somewhat limited when it comes to monster sound effects, so I thought I'd share a few custom ones : ) I made them specifically for some of the classic MV monsters, but of course you can use them for anything else as well. There are sounds for eight monsters, five different sounds for...
  7. AphoticAmaranth

    Random Enemy Hue v1.0

    Introduction This plugin allows for randomising enemy hues. How to use Save it as APHO_RandomEnemyHue.js and put it in your plugin folder. If 'use default hue' is checked, a default hue adjustment will be applied at random to all enemies, based on the values defined in the plugin parameters...
  8. smegchaddeus

    How to make an enemy (or troop) shake using a script in a Common Event?

    Hello! Would anyone know how to make an enemy Battler Sprite (static) shake during a Battle Scene (front view) when a Common Event is triggered / called? I am successfully calling the Common Event, but I cannot figure out how to make an enemy (or the entire troop, doesn't matter) shake, because...
  9. PachucoCadaver

    Script call for "enemy transform" and "change enemy state" within battle?

    Hi! I'm trying to create a system within my game that requires some uses of "enemy transform" and "change enemy state". It would save me so much time if a could do this with a script call and substitute the enemy number with the value of a variable ($game_variables[n]), so i don't have to...
  10. PachucoCadaver

    Script call for setting a variable to an enemy's EXP amount?

    Hi! Is there a way to get the exp of an enemy with a script call? In the normal Variable command, the enemy EXP value cannot be referenced, the drop down menu is restricted to enemy's HP, ATK, DEF, AGI, LUK etc, not EXP. I'm creating a system where, the player can raise fallen enemies as...
  11. isaias20

    Enemies don't appear in game data.

    Sorry if it may seem like a silly question, i am new in rpg maker mv. I want to assign enemy health points from database to a variable but these enemies don't appear as such, instead they all appear with a question mark (as if there were no enemies) It's very strange because in the "enemies"...
  12. RMMV How to make an enemy picture change during battle ?

    Hello everyone, i'm currently working on a monster catching game type of project. I want to make a system like shinies in the pokemon games. I setup an event page in the troop battle event section, so that at the beggining of the battle, there's a random chance for your wild encounter to be it's...
  13. Bowtirage

    Custom enemy image sizes

    The default enemy SV image sizes tend to be very tiny around 200 width and height. Meaning any custom image that adheres to that needs to be extremely small or end up very pixelated. Is there a way to edit the image sizes so that I can use bigger custom images without the size restriction? If I...
  14. A way to know which skill an enemy will use?

    I'm looking for a way in game, through a script or plug in to let me know what skill an enemy has selected for use. I know I can manipulate weights of skills to make them more or less likely. However, I want to know exactly what skill will be used and use that in a conditional branch later...
  15. Guardinthena

    Enemy Consume Ally Skill

    I do not know why I am having a hard time finding this, I swear I have seen it before. Well, I am looking to make an enemy skill that allows the user to sacrifice/consume an ally to restore HP. The premise behind this is, for example, a bullywug frogman eatting bug allies to restore health...
  16. arcadekitten

    RPG MV: Disable Enemy Select?

    I saw someone ask this question here a long time ago but it doesn't seem they got any answers, so I thought I'd try asking! When in battle, RPGMaker asks to player to select an attack and then select an enemy to use it on. I understand this for when there's a group of enemies on the screen...
  17. Silvermane

    Cannot get Fantasy Battler Pack 1 to load into project.

    I have the Steam version of Fantasy Pack 1, linking this version just to show which one I mean. https://us.degicashop.com/products/fantasy-battler-pack-1 So previously I was able to load the battlers from this pack. I have since deleted some of my previous projects as I was just learning the...
  18. biggislims

    Giant Rat Enemy

    I wanted a different giant rat enemy than the default, something with a more pixel art style, but still that classic giant rat vibe. For this piece I went straight digital, using Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16. Feel free to use, and abuse (with sword, axe, and the like).
  19. Looking for the face image of this rtp enemy

    i wanted it to be a extra boss you can find and its gonna be the hardest boss in the game because well it doesnt look like a powerful enemy
  20. Drake616

    Call Last Enemy ID to Act

    So I have a skill that enemies do, and with a common event I want it to store the latest enemy's ID that used it as a variable. Problem is by default you can only call Last Enemy INDEX to act, and I need Last Enemy ID to act.

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