1. Michael Dionne

    WIN a battle even if some enemy is still alive, and make it always unselectable?

    Hi, Any idea how to WIN a battle even if some enemy is still alive? And any idea how to make it always unselectable during battle? I am making trees as enemies, so enemies and battlers actually have correct z-sorting with environment props like trees, rocks, etc. The trees appear in front and...
  2. Animate Enemy

    Hi! I'm extremely new to RPG Maker in general. I have tried googling animate enemies, and all that came up were scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace. I was wondering if there is already an available script for MV to enable using simple sprite sheets for animating enemies? Thanks!
  3. pxldrm

    Flip Around Single Enemy Graphic During Battle

    I would like to flip a single enemy around by using a script call or symphony tag during battle. I am not using a spriteset for enemies, only a single png image. I see that there is a method to mirror animations in Sprite_Base but it's a little beyond me on how to implement this for...
  4. MeowFace

    Enemy Distance Scanner (Radar)

    Made for a request here. This script acts like a radar/scanner to check the distance of the player from the enemy events on the map. Features: [1] Able to check the nearest enemy and return the event's id. [2] Able to list down a list of enemy event's ids and their distance from the player...
  5. Reavenator

    Predicting enemy actions

    So I had an idea recently. In most RPGs you'd see around here, enemies will usually execute attacks randomly without the player having any way to know what attack it will be beforehand. So what if you could find a way for the player to discover what attack, or just what sort of attack (single...
  6. MeowFace

    Multiplying Enemies

    Done for a request here. This seems to be a fun script so i am sharing it here for anyone else that needs it. This script allows the making of multiplying enemies. (enemy that splits and multiplies) eg. Slimes that kept multiplying at each turn's end until the original slime is killed...
  7. coticka

    Tankentai battler enemy question?!

    I've come to become quite okay at animating skills and importing battlers in my translated version of Tankentai for RMVX Ace.  The problem is that sometimes the animated enemy battler will stay flipped backwards as their coordinate resets until a player hits them. Or sometimes it bugs out and...
  8. supedaglup

    Sneaking Enemies

    Hello. I'm trying to make a horror-esque game and I want the enemies to chase you from behind, but run when you are facing them (Kinda like the Boos in Mario). I want this, because the main character uses the flashlight to make them run away. I used Yanfly's chase script to make them chase/run...
  9. Enemy parameters in battle

    Hello! :) I am new here and I have a question about a script call in a battle: how can I store actor parameters like ATK, DEF and set them as the parameters of the current enemy? So that the enemy has the same parameters as the actor? Is there a script function that I can use like...
  10. MeowFace

    Rogue-Like Movement / Chase Mode / Surprise Attack

    Saw a request here, and thought of putting up a script for it. In case anyone needs it, i have it reposted here. This script allows the rogue-like dungeon movement for events. This means the event will move only when the player is moving. (can be turned on/off with switch) Events can "hide"...
  11. captainproton

    enemy rows?

    I'm using Yanfly Engine Ace and the Yanfly Visual Battlers scripts. I have it set up with the hero party on the right side of the screen, facing the monster troops on the left. Thing is, when you are attacking the enemy, the first choice is always the monster the farthest to the left, which...
  12. Make an enemy immortal in RPG Maker XP

    I've seen countless questions and tutorials on making an enemy immortal in RPG Maker VX Ace, but I've found none anywhere about how to do the same in RPG Maker XP. I searched all over the forums and google for this. I would like to make it so the enemy shows taking damage, but can't be defeated...
  13. EternalShadow

    Disallowing an enemy battler to target themselves in battle?

    There's a sequence where one of the people in the battle screen appears as an enemy, but they are actually an ally, and will only target their own 'allies' (your enemies) with attacks. As such, you have to be careful not to use an AOE attack, lest you target them too. However, it just so happens...
  14. RhysO101

    Different BGM for various troops?

    I'd like a script or somethin' that allows you to add a script call to a troop that instantly changes it's BGM. And if that's not possible, Why not make it so you can choose the troop number in the script and type in the BGM you want next to it. Like this: 01: battle1.mp3 02: battle2.mp3...
  15. [ACE] Fixing the enemy letters for hidden/transformed enemies?

    Say you were creating instances where enemies became conditionally hidden or transformed into other enemies at the start of battle. The letters of all other enemies would remain the same. So if you had Skeletons A-E and Skeleton A became hidden and Skeleton C turned into a Ghost, Skeletons B...
  16. Enemy mobs event

    I made an event on my mob battle for the main bad guy to heal himself under 50% health, but he isn't doing it?
  17. DoubleRaineBow

    Enemy Chase and Battle Processing?

    Hello, So for my game, an enemy is supposed to chase after the player character and a battle is initiated. As far as I know, I have all that down. My question is how do you inflict a "stun" status to the enemy should you defeat it in battle, but after a couple of seconds, resume chasing the...
  18. Chester

    Extending Enemy Battler Vertically

    Hey, I am in need of a script (or a way on how to do this). I don't exactly know how to put this into words but I have provided images. Some of the images are created with an image program except Halp2.png My Enemy battler is huge and I have to crop it otherwise the game will not show the...

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