1. Mjolk

    EnemyParty/BattleTroop Switch

    Exactly how a tag team would look but for the enemies, is there a way to switch the enemy team during the battle, but preserving hp mp status etc. to the enemies? I know I can do it without javascript, but I don't know how to memorize their current status. To be clearer: I would like enemies...
  2. View description of enemy states in battle

    I am working on a game that will involve a lot of complicated states, on both the enemies and the player. What I would like is some way of informing the player of what these various states do during a battle. For example, imagine a boss applies a state to themselves called "impending doom" that...
  3. Mr-Toyblock

    Changing enemy/actor name based on their level?

    Alright, so I know enemy levels aren't a thing by default, I'm using Yanflye's enemy levels for that. So here is what I want to do: I want to change an enemy/actor's name every time they go up by 10 levels. Specifically, add a different icon to the name every 10 levels. I already know how to...
  4. Mooshry

    Events Teleporting?

    So, in my game, enemies appear on the map. And i want some enemies to teleport around like the Cumulus Rex from DQIX. Basically, they'd have a script call in their move route that's something like "this.teleport", and when the event comes on screen, it teleports to a single global region...
  5. Rens_Agatha

    Free SV Slime battler

    Hi ! Currently i've trying to create free SV battler sprite for Rpg maker MV. i'll keep updating these workshop whenever i finish my work. For now theres only one battler but it will not take long time to create it. Description : It's a "Slime" theme monster only for these workshop. Complete...
  6. White_Dreams

    How to respawn Enemy Sprite after a give time?

    Hi, i've been having troubles on how do to this. So basically, since I hate random encounters cause they become annoying, I want to set up enemy SPRITES with battle processing and make them randomly walk around the map. Then after the player defeated them, they will die and respawn after a...
  7. entry animation for enemy and actor

    Anyone who can creates the plugin for Entry animation when enemy or actor appears in the battle?
  8. Position actor problem

    There is a script command that allow me to save the exact position(x,y) of a single actor/enemy (maybe using actor/enemy 's id) into a variable?I need it to make a skill like kamehameha that start from the player and finish in the targeted enemy.
  9. Yawgmoth

    Enemy that adds State on Death

    Hi all, In my game I have a class that has a skill that adds a special state. I want that state to cause a 10% increase of max HP whenever an enemy dies. I am using Yanfly's Buff and State Core Plugin to control stacking to a max of 5 times. I just can't seem to get a foot hold on this issue...
  10. Ispguy

    Yanfly Chase Player Plugin Glitch - MV

    So, I'm trying to make a game with monsters that roam on the overworld, and chase the player when they see them. Once the enemy comes into contact with them, the battle begins. Sort of like newer Dragon Quest games or the Mother series. Yanfly's Event Chase plugin seemed like an easy solution...
  11. tale

    RTP Summon Spirits (8 Battlers)

    I extracted these from animations to make use of what's available, each can be used for battler. Element: Dark, Earth, Fire, Ice, Light, Thunder, Water, Wind Note: preview image is based on the size for VX Ace. There is a size for MV prepared in dropbox link. Since these are part of animation...
  12. Krystek_My

    Enemy HP bar on map

    Hi! I have a question. It is possible to draw enemy HP on map. For example via script? (I am not good at scripting)
  13. Mooshry

    Weird Enemy Designs

    IDK if this is the right forum to post this, but i need weird enemy designs for one of my games. I made a status update saying this, and people told me to post a thread about it so i could get more fleshed-out designs. So, yeah. I'll describe some Dragon Quest enemies you can use as reference...
  14. Yawgmoth

    Enemy Skill that Damages Experience instead of Health?

    I would like to know if creating an enemy skill that deals damages to an actor's experience is possible and if that would require a formula, or script? I'm assuming script but am not sure where to start. I plan on this skill being used by the final boss in my game. Any help is much appreciated.
  15. tale

    RTP VX Large Size Battler

    VX battlers that's resized to fit in with resolution of 544x416. Probably suited for pictures. Includes all 56: Angel, Assassin, Asura, Bandit, Bat, Behemoth, Captain, Chimera, Cockatrice, Darklord, Death, Demon, Dragon, Earthspirit, Evilgod, Evilking, Fairy, Fanatic, Firespirit, Gargoyle...
  16. Transform A Dead Or Appear Halfway Enemies?

    Hey I'm playing around with tranforming enemies in battles in increase the variety of enemies in a given battle. So far it seems like you can only transform an enemy into another once they have "appeared". Wondering if it is possible to transform a "Dead" enemy or an enemy still in the "appear...
  17. Skill Script Help

    So I had an idea for a move that an enemy could use. Every 5 turns he would use this skill and a menu would pop up with the name of your characters. You would then have to choose of the names, and then that ally would immediately die. So I was wondering if this skill could even be remotely...
  18. IkutsukiYuri

    Problem with clicking the enemy using YanFly Battle Core Engine

    One of YanFly Battle Core Engine feature is that it is mouse friendly for battle... But... Right now, I have to click the words instead of the enemy. I think the problem started when I started to use MogHunter's Battle Camera Plugin... I guess the words only stick on one place I really like...
  19. NinjaKittyProductions

    [Solved] Enemy HP Bars...

    I am looking for a script that will display the enemies HP bars in one of the upper corners. I have provided a mock up image to help.
  20. NinjaKittyProductions

    Looking for enemy battle hud...

    Hey guys, I am currently working on a small project and have a vision of how I want the battle scene to look. However, I have scoured the forums and almost everywhere else and cannot find this particular thing. I am looking to put the enemy's HP up in a corner and stacked on top of each...

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