1. Soul Tech

    [Ace] Target Enemy Bodyparts

    Hello everyone. I open this treath to know if someone knows of some script (I was looking for) that allows attacking a specific part of the body of an enemy, I attach an image of fallout 4, which uses this mechanic. Some time ago I thought I saw a post on this topic but I could not find it, I...
  2. Bartman901

    Enemies' early game moves.

    Hello, I'm just looking for ideas for enemies' attacks and moves. As I said in the title, we fight them in the begining of the game. The game is in fantasy/medieval style. I was just checking out my game and the thing that made me confused was that most of common enemies had just 1 move. Now...
  3. Yawgmoth

    Enemy affix names w/ random states

    Hi all, I'm looking for a MV plugin that would allow a designer to to create affix states and have those states randomly applied to an enemy note tag (not a troops) and also modify the enemy's name. I have looked through the forums and searched online and have yet to see a plugin such as this...
  4. aypooma

    Make an item usable outside of battles?

    So I'm making a game, and i want it to be so you could kill a character in the map. How would I go about making an item to kill it? For example, You could be walking around and you find an empty house you could rest in, but there's an enemy guarding the door so I want to make it so you can take...
  5. PowerNetworkINC

    Help! (npc battle problems)

    I am quite new the RPG Maker mv sorry if my question is stupid but: i am trying to make an event that get my acdtor directly into a battle.. i am searching all over the page for a tutorial but i cant find one... if you have a sollution please leave a comment thnx!
  6. Runako

    !!Moghunter's "Elnard Enemy Encounter"!!

    Moghunter created an amazing script for Rpg maker vx ace. This script combined random encounters and on-map encounters seamlessly. Why I have not seen this moved over to MV, I have no clue. The system: - Drew a minimap that showed a player dot (represented by a blue dot) and multiple enemy dots...
  7. Vetmora

    Z-Targeting / Locking Plugin

    Hello, First of all, I'm using the QABS series of plugins, found here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/qplugins-latest-qabs.73023/ So I've been trying to find a plugin that replicates z-targeting / locking found in games like Zelda and DarkSouls. Basically so the player always...
  8. Vetmora


    Is there a plugin for Z-targeting / locking for RMMV? Or some plugin to allow the player to always face toward an enemy - some sort of directional strafing? I'm using the QABS range of plugins along with another plugin by HIME which allows strafing, which works fantastically. Just thinking...
  9. Tehprince

    Actor/Enemy ID memorization and recall

    In my project, I want to create a "Steal" skill. I can make the basic mechanics of it, (Drop table, drop rate) however I want to have individual enemies to have separate drop tables. My original plan was to make a list of each enemy ID in a common event, and use that to have the skill...
  10. Moonlight Daemon's Enemy Battler Extravaganza

    Hello everyone, this is Moonlight Daemon, and I'm finally ready to hand out some enemy battlers! I do take requests, but keep in mind that I have other things to work on here and there, so it may take some time. I reserve the right to ban you from using my resources if need be, though hopefully...
  11. Benja

    [SOLVED] Error with Himeworks' Enemy Action Conditions

    Hi. I'm having some trouble using Himeworks script. I'm attempting to make an attack that damages and inflicts a status effect, and won't use it again if you still have the status effect. Unfortunately, any use of <action condition: 35> or </action condition>, no matter what's in it, triggers...
  12. Benja

    Enemy emoting to getting hit, attacking, etc.

    Hiya. I'm looking for a script that would allow enemies to change battlers based on action taken in battle. i.e. An enemy gives a pained look when hit, then goes back to normal. Or an enemy attacks, giving a face of anger, then goes back to normal. Any help is appreciated!
  13. AdamSakuru

    More control for finer positioning of Enemy Troops

    Description of the Feature: In RPG Maker VX Ace, there was a way to adjust the enemy troop positions by pixel lengths. I can't remember if it was exactly this, but it was something like hold down ctrl/alt and then press an arrow key when you have an enemy in the troop selected to move them by a...
  14. RhysO101

    A Plugin that make each group receive a different amount of damage from a skill?

    I would like one of my enemies to have an explosion attack which instantly kills them while dealing some damage to the allies without instantly killing them. Is there a plugin out there that does this job?
  15. rokimoki

    Show Enemy HP - updated

    Show Enemy HP Download 2.0.0 Version 2.0.0: Now you'll see HP below the enemy sprite, be careful with sprites like bats. It also happens with YEP.30 visual gauges plugin, the hp bar will appear there, it's because the sprite is not well adapted. Outdated, version 1.0.0: Show the enemy HP...
  16. Collect enemy drops mid battle? (mv)

    Hi, this is my first ever post so I apologise if this is in the wrong section or anything. Anyway, I have an idea for a battle mechanic and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how it could be implemented in MV. The idea is as follows: Once an enemy is defeated in battle, it...
  17. How do I do this event?

    I'm looking for a way to event (possibly may need a script if I do I can't find one) so I can battle monsters in my game without going into the actual battle mode. Eg: Player is walking around on the interior map. An enemy approaches and instead of going into battle mode I want the player to be...
  18. Sythian Bard

    The House of Slime

    The House of Slime (a gathering place for slimes of all kinds) :kaoangry: Terms: FREE for non-commercial and commercial games. For the 8 Specific Elemental Slimes...I'd like to know if you use them in your commercial game. (Cuz, they will be appearing in my commercial game...and I just want...
  19. Newquaza 96

    Show Enemy Stats, States & Buffs/Debuffs

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin that allows the player to visualize the enemy's stats, the states applied to it, and its buffs/debuffs during battle? I've been searching for a while now, but i haven't seen any results for MV specifically. To be specific, i'm looking for an option in the...
  20. [Problem] Enemies keep respawning

    Okay, so, I have an event which starts "Battle Processing..." and begins a certain encounter when the character steps on it. The problem is that, after deployment, the three enemies in the encounter keep reviving on their own at the end of every turn! I have nowhere set anything like this to...

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