1. leakymilky

    Battle by collision

    So what im trying to do is to make it to where battles are not random so to say, but more along the lines of you see the enemy creatures in the game walking around the area map and when you walk into them (or if there is a way to have an attack animate on the game outside of battle) then itll...
  2. trexmaster8242

    Enemy level Curves.

    Description of the Feature: When making enemies in RPG Maker, you have to make the stats by yourself, figure out if it is balanced if this enemy has 100 attack at level one and 200 attack at level 2. I was wondering if there could be a system that would make the enemy creation a lot like the...
  3. mugen808

    Yanfly X Selection Control randomly blocked on allies

    Hi, I’m having quite a nasty issue with YEP_X_SelectionControl : http://yanfly.moe/2016/04/22/yep-94-selection-control/ After looking a lot for a similar issue online, I am posting to ask the question: am I really the only one to who it happens ?? The problem: Most of the times the plugin...
  4. Milennin

    Visual enemy TP gauge

    I'm looking for a plugin similar to Yanfly's Visual Enemy HP Gauges, but for enemy TP instead. It would be great if it was compatible with the visual HP gauge plugin.
  5. Faherya

    Enemy Skill Box Error

    First, I apologize in case I have posted in the wrong area. And going straight to the point, in the translation into Brazilian Portuguese, the engine editor has an error in the Enemy Skills box. For example, if you select a skill to use while the HP is between 0 and 42%, you have the following...
  6. tylerash

    Way to give enemies unique attack sounds?

    I'm currently using Yep's Animated SVE enemies and am enjoying it a lot. But I want to give unique sounds to different enemies when they hit the player, rather than just the generic attack sound that always plays. Is there a plugin that can do this or something?
  7. Fornoreason1000

    Monster Arena Plugin for MV

    I couldn't find any Monster arena like plugins for MV , the closest i found was for VXace and i couldn't even find a release for it. So i have Decided to develop one for the hell of it. I'll aim to have this thing adaptable as possible, thus may or may not be for intermediate to advanced users...
  8. Rink27

    Appear + Transform Battle glitch?

    Hello. I'm curious if anyone has played around with this and experienced weirdness when you incorporate Appear Halfway and Transform to enemies in a battle. I have a troop with one enemy NOT set to Appear Halfway and another 8 set to Appear Halfway. ◆Script: :...
  9. The Working Man

    Enemy Battle Sprite Needed, Inspiration in post.

    Hi I am making a game on MV, I've created the walking sprite and face sprite etc (admittedly edited them from generated MV sprites as you can clearly tell) and now I just need a sprite of the enemy in battle akin to the art of the enemies that are provided with MV. Here is what I've done so...
  10. Any idea on how to have an enemy disappear for a round or two?....

    I'm trying to create a skill for an enemy that is based on the osquip from old D&D days that can burrow. Basically it'll disappear for a round or two and be unable to be damaged by PCs. I tried to create both a skill and a state for this but neither had an option for making the target...
  11. Oriceles

    Super easy enemy balance method

    Introduction One of the hardest parts for me on RPG Maker have been how to balance the enemies, I'm not fond of having same monster of different color being harder than the previous. We have Yanfly Enemy Levels as solution for this, but when I came to a practical use of it,  it was hard...
  12. Recolors and Creations

    Hi, everyone! In this page, I show you my personal resource! I hope to add something new every day. Credit me, if you use it, and KADOKAWA. The original ones, are from KADOKAWA. Please, if you want to support me, you can do by...
  13. Casting on a transformed SV enemy = black box?

    Hi!  Would very much appreciate some help with yanfly state transformations. I've followed Yanflys tips and tricks video on enemy transformations using YEP_battlecore and YEP_buffsandstates and have run into this problem.  Created a new project and put only the following updated plugins in...
  14. Acid/Base Mix Attack

    Been trying to get a specific attack sequence to work in battle but I can't seem to figure it out. The plan is to have two enemies- an acidic blob and an alkaline blob- mix, destroying both enemies but hitting the party with a powerful explosive attack. My two specific issues are: 1- How...
  15. KayZaman

    Attack enemy with right weapon

    Dear RPG crew and members, I wanna make enemy battlers where can be affect by certain weapon just like in the spoiler above.  Where enemy are not receive any damage from melee weapons (sword, dagger, spear, ect.) except projectile/missile weapons (guns, arrow, slingshot, etc.) or vice...
  16. Pirate Themed Enemy Battlers

    Samples: Rules: I can refuse to do someones request. May only be pirate themed. May not contain nudity. The size of the enemy battlers can not be very big. Credit me as 'Murg'. If you want to use them commercially, contact me first with a PM. What to request: 1...
  17. Centipede

    First time resource pack maker with questions.

    Hi, I'm planning to make an enemy sprite resource pack, but I don't know where to start. What is the ideal size and resolution? What's the most common graphical battle system people use: side-view or front-view? And when I actually finish it, how do I go about submitting it for sale...
  18. Milennin

    How to make enemy corpses happen?

    When an enemy dies, and it was the last or only enemy in the troop, the victory screen pop-ups. Instead, I'd like to have an enemy turn (transform) into a corpse before that happens. How do I make something like that happen?
  19. Enemy incoming, XY distance

    Hello. At first, sorry for my poor English. I'm trying to make a game in the atmosphere of Silent Hill. If you played "Silent Hill", you probably remember the radio that was warning you when the enemy was close. The noise from the radio was getting louder when enemies were nearby. I wanted to...
  20. Harken_W

    Optional Enemies

    I'd like a plugin in which I can specify in an enemy notebox if the enemy is an optional kill. Meaning if that enemy(s) is the last enemy alive at the end of the battle, then the battle counts as a win and is over. I believe I've seen this kind of thing in games before, perhaps Final...

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