1. RMMV need some help with one of yanfly's plugins

    the problem i'm having is when i'm using the leveling yep_enemylevels it causes an issue where the items that are dropped also increase based on the + lvl of the enemy. i'm wondering if there's another plugin that causes this issue and how to turn it off. Edit: also one of my characters has the...

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At this point, "unique and diverse cast of characters" might as well be slang for Every Character is a Human-Sue.
I found an absolutely brilliant lifehack on the internet today.

It does sometimes get a little embarrassing that I often come here to ask for help with something and seldom have anything to actually show for it. If there is one thing though I can commend myself for, it's for sticking with an idea I've been tinkering with for this long now and gradually making headways. Even though I've been reserved about my progress, I can say I'm farther now than where I initially started.
I'm gonna put my project on pause for a tiny bit so I can explore the engine outside of it... Winging it can only get you so far LMFAO

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