1. Kristina

    Time heals energy

    Hi all, I hope this is in the correct place, if not I’m sorry. I want to change mp to energy and when the player loses energy, time heals it back up. So if they don’t have any energy left they can’t do anything before it has been healed back up. Is that possible
  2. shinichi999

    Plugin for "Super saiyan" or "Ultra instinct mode" while fighting

    First, I know there are some plugins for RPG Maker MV out there that allows you to transform the look or appearance of the character and enhance their abilities, but, as far as I know, that's the only thing they do. What about a better developed plugin? I'm thinking about a special...
  3. jbtwist

    Element Replacement

    I would like a plugin what does this: When you select to use a damage magic spell, appears a little window that allows you to change the spell from its basic element to another element you choose (Doing that consumes 50% extra mp). Would be nice if it changes the name of the skill too, for...
  4. EliteFerrex

    Beam and Sword Animations Assets!

    My brother Kaz put together some great animations assets for RPG Maker MV! Feel free to use these in your projects (free or commercialized), but provide credit to Ryugi Kazamaru! (Also, maybe send him a nice "Thank you!" on Skype, under the same name!) The list so far: Energy...
  5. TheOddFellow

    Interfering with Actor TP

    This event takes place during a battle, once a turn, I want to take a specific actor's TP (or that third bar that generates for special attacks.) and put that into a variable. Now, I've tried: \N[0].tp N[0].tp self.tp Once I can put it into a variable, I know what to do from there...
  6. Myst

    Hydration, Satiety, and Energy

      I would like a script that would add 3 different systems. Hydration, Satiety ( How full you are), and energy. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. I want 3 colored bars that would be displayed on the screen, Hydration, Satiety and Energy (Hydration: Blue, Satiety: Red, Energy: Yellow) ...
  7. Could use some help with energy beam attack.

    Okay, so this is my first time posting and usually I'm able to find the answer to my questions just by doing a little detective work, so I apologize if this has been asked before, but I tried searching with every term I could think of and came up with nothing that really helped me in this...
  8. Kevin O'Ryan


  9. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Hidden Village - Chapter 1 (Massive Update Coming!)

      Non-Commercial game created by TKZ Productions!   A huge update is coming with bug fixes, longer story and improved scripting and graphics!   The Hidden Village is a Mystery, Puzzle Solving game! Hidden Village is a game where you find yourself lost in the frozen Maine...

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