1. arcadekitten

    Is there any way possible to have more than 5000 switches/variables (and be able to see them in the editor)?

    The TL; DR of this is that I was planning to make a game in Unity using the Adventure Creator plugin(which feels a lot like RPGMaker to me in many ways!) But as I'm sure anyone is aware of right now, Unity has really mucked up their reputation recently and unless AC is ported somewhere else, I...
  2. Technical404

    How do i use Engines for VX Ace? (Or learn to script)

    Hi there. I wanted to try doing a rpg with PTB battle system, but im not very experienced with scripting and stuff, so i wanted to try it out after getting out of my exam's week. Is there a certain engine most people use, or a way for me to learn scripting? I found some Battle Engines, but idk...
  3. Udong

    Loading Screen (Static Picture)

    Brief description: I will show you how to make a loading screen for change scene, because if your game have huge/many resource to load in that scene, the scene will black screen several seconds before material appear because of loading resource Requirements: - Step by step 1. go to...
  4. Udong

    gs.Bitmap() filePath/HTMLImageElement parameter explanation/explain please

    anyone know how to use gs.Bitmap? I want to use it to custom a loading screen by a picture but I use many Argument format, but it not work Example (for not working format): Thank you all of you answer my thread
  5. RMMV Preventing some actors to use and being targets from specific items

    Hello! I'm trying to prevent an actor to use some items in my game. I've found something in my attemps, but I just can't manage this. Yanfly's Item Requirements is close to what I'm looking for, I can prevent actor "A" to use a potion, but any other actor can use it on "A". If my character is...
  6. PolvoT_GamesVX

    MULTIPLAYER Engine !! [PC]

    Hello everybody, Imma show ya how to make a cringy Multiplayer engine, and, if you wish to, make the Player 2 able to interact with the events I just made by myself and wanted to show. How? Well, here it is. FIRST STEP You're gonna need 2 essencial events. EV001 - "Player 2" EV002 - "Player 2...
  7. Yanntastisch

    RPG Maker MV on Steam won't start

    Hello, My RPG Maker MV is not starting on Steam anymore, and I'm getting desperate. It is booting up on Steam, but the splash screen and the Engine window doesn't open. It tells me it's running, but it is is only running in the background, I find it on task manager. This thing began just one...
  8. Any tutorials/advice for making changes to the battle engine?

    Hi, I'm new to RMMV and have been enjoying just putting levels together without having to do any of the added faff that comes with tilemapping in Unity and Godot. What I don't like is the current battle engine. I find the typical JRPG battle system to be pretty boring. I'd like to give the...
  9. RMMV CrossEngine problems

    I cannot understand how to setup it properly. Besides, in demo I saw the errors with images
  10. RMMV Chrono ABS engine problems

    I have installed the items and ids but when I'm ,launching, I see this. enigne
  11. Arise501

    I need help with a script "Loop"

    while () {stuff} I dont know how to use it. I use the event command, but when I pass it to script I don't understand it. This would be the example, using event command: ♦ Loop ♦ Variable control: #0011 Hp += 3 ♦ If: Hp= HpC ♦ Break loop ♦ :The end ♦ : Repeat...
  12. DeyJay5

    Help with Ace Equip Engine?

    I am using this script: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/ace-equip-engine/ How do you remove the MAT and MDF from the Equip and Status screen on the menu?
  13. MushroomCake28

    MUSH Audio Engine - Spatial Audio/Voice Acting/New Channels/etc.

    MUSH Audio Engine [v.1.07] by MushroomCake28 Download link: https://kamo-studio.itch.io/rpg-maker-mz-plugin-mush-audio-engine Introduction This is my core plugin that revamps the existing audio in RPG Maker MZ. It is the first in a series of plugins that will aim to improve the audio in RPG...
  14. DHG Sage Gaara

    Card Game Issues (VX Ace, MV)

    Alright so i've been combing around for a while now to try and discover a usable engine that allows for a card game. I have seen the Yanfly version but all reviews show the system is insanely buggy and the dev is unreachable. It also seems the plugin is completely gone from the internet as the...
  15. LVGames

    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    Which RPG Maker engine is your favorite? What one thing about the engine do you enjoy most? My favorite is MV. The one thing I like about the engine, is the event system. It's not like the other game maker engines. It's very different but at the same time it's unique and that's what makes...
  16. xChikyx

    Script that reads when a player is facing a wall

    Hi! I'm currently working on a project using RPG Maker XP in a pretty complicated way. Anyway, I'm trying to create a global event that reads when the player is facing a wall. Is thre anything out there that already does so? So far the only idea I have is to make a HUGE series of conditional...
  17. Chronoengine ABS mode, Boss HP

    I need help making my boss HP display on screen and I dunnow how to use it. I see the plugin command, , but I don't know what it does. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the boss HP to display. Can anyone give me assistance? EDIT: Here is the plugin I'm talking about...
  18. cheef

    (VictorEngine) SV Battlers failing for actors, working for enemies. [Solved]

    Hello, I'm using Victor Engine to try to apply custom animated sprites. I've read the "help us to help you" thread and have tested this by Playtesting the game, not a Battle Test. Scripts used - VE Basic Module: [page] [script] VE BattlerGraphicSetup: [page] [script] Currently my sprite...
  19. Nilom

    Using LUK as Weapon Damage

    Hello together! What would be the simplest way to remove all the default LUK usage from the engine? I do not like how it is used as it can cause frustration to have states or buffs/debuffs not occur sometimes. And I also want to abuse the stat as weapon damage. :LZSgrin: Thanks in advance...
  20. DeyJay5

    Help with Yanfly Ace Equip Engine

    Link to the script: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/ace-equip-engine/ What I am trying to achieve is a character that has 3 of the same equip slots. I have named the slot type "Gear" and have followed the instructions of the script to the best of my ability. This is...

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