1. Skytor

    Need Tiles to make a machine

    So I am working on an steampunk interior engine room for a airship and am currently using the bokou steampunk tile set, and as good as it is, it doesn't look right when you just throw a bunch of different pieces together in a room, so I am looking for a few steampunk-ish tiles, machine parts...
  2. Tycho X

    Modifying core values, such as HP

    I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm designing an 'office simulator' of sorts. As such I have no need for the classic RPG Combat system which MakerMV comes with. Rather, I'm looking to modify certain values and ... simplify them. For example. My 'hero' (protagonist) starts off with 450HP...
  3. leakymilky

    Breaking the limits

    So im looking to break some limits by default in the system. By this I mean going above the 9999 limit for health, attack, ect for those stats, but im also looking to have the level limit be above 99, more around the lines of dark souls to be going up to 712, if not 999. Im not seeing any...
  4. Risputin

    Help with LUNA Engine - Battle Menus

    I purchased the LUNA Engine last night in an attempt to custom design my GUI. I have some script knowledge, however I'm not sure where to go to  change what I need to do. What I would like to do is take the HP/MP/TP bars and slide them to the bottom right corner of the screen. I would also...
  5. Michael Caiola

    MC's VE Throwable Objects/YEP Battle Core Engine Patch

    VE Throwable Objects with Yanfly Battle Engine Core Compatibility Patch v1.02p Victor Sant, Michael Caiola Introduction Victor Sant's Throwable Objects is quite an amazing plugin that adds thrown objects like arrows, bullets, boomerangs, bombs, and shurikens to RMMV's battle...
  6. Val

    How to activate a Xbox360 controller by default in MV?

    Hello In rpg maker mv 1.33 is it possible to have a Xbox 360 controller plugged in the game and have it activate by default? (without pressing any input in the controller to activate it) Right now, you need to start the game, press the "A" input into the controller to been able to move...
  7. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | Newest: DamageFace | Plugin Count: 4

    [STV] Plugins Newest: STV_DamageFace Latest Update: STV_DamageFace Current: 4 Plugins   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   STV_DamageFace | v1.0   STV_ClassSelector | v0.7...
  8. Vis_Mage

    Crystal Engine - Licence Board: Actor Specific Boards

    Hello! I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with a bit of an edit (or add-on) to Crystal Engine - Licence Board: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/8660-crystal-engine-licence-board/ As it is, you set up one board in which all actors use. What I'm ideally looking for is to be able...
  9. PkGames


  10. DarthVollis

    Understanding Victor's Engine - Light Effects

    With this I am using Victor Engine - Basic Module v1.20 I recently learned how to use Victor Sant's Light Effects and I thought everyone could use it. I only know the Event Light effect at the moment and will post more in the future after I learn them. Now for the tutorial. Find and...
  11. Enemies Don't Disappear

    Hello everyone. I have been going through an issue lately with the Yanfly Battle Engine, in which enemy Battler sprites don't properly disappear once they fall into the Death state. Oddly enough, I only started experiencing this issue on my new gaming PC. This issue seemingly escalated just...
  12. styx92

    yanfly In-Battle Status compatibility with VE-Battle Command

    Hello there. :) The new plugin from yanfly released last saturday. Now you can watch your actor state details in its own menu in battle!  Really great! My problem is, that i use victor battle command. I install yanflys plugin and the tag from the battle status will be shown. But if i...
  13. majordwarf

    Pokemon Essentials for MV?

    Pokemon Essentials For MV -----------------------------------------    Because of using JS as script language for RMMV the games can now be ported to android. So, I was thinking that can anyone can maker the port of Pokemon Essentials for XP to MV, i.e. RGSS2 to JS. So...
  14. Rikifive

    Things That Make Me Wonder

    Hello everybody! This thread/post isn't a complain ~ these things make me wonder and I just wanted to discuss about them. Please, don't get me wrong. As everybody knows, Ace has limits all over the place ~ Not sure how about MV though. Anyway ~ I wanted to ask about few things~ 1...
  15. kongu2910

    Yanfly Engine: Equip Requirements Using Variables

    Okay, so I'm having this problem in RPG Maker MV. I'm trying to use Yanfly's Equip Requirements plugin to make weapons that require certain variables to be a certain amount before you can use them. Unfortunately, the plugin only supports this through Javascript, which is making things difficult...
  16. About Persona Like HUD in Luna engine

    First I'm new in this Forum and my first language is Indonesia,  So If I hurt your feeling with my bad english or break a rules by accident... I'm Sorry... Umm i want to ask about Luna Engine... This is my Screenshot from my project.. My Question : 1. How to make my Skill list only...
  17. Shinai

    Script Compatibility issue Yanfly Battle Engine - Moghunter Battlehud

    Hello guys, I really like Yanflys and Moghunter scripts, but as many of you know there are some compatibility issues. Currently I'm trying to get Moghunters Battle Hud to work, which is way easier with its 2.3 update. There is one problem though I need your help with: The enemy...
  18. AceTheMad

    Custom Busts React to Target Flashes on Animations

    So, I'm using Yanfly's cast animations with the Luna Engine. So, I made my custom normal attack animation a single white target flash. However, when I tested it, I found that the busts, despite my efforts, never flashed. I'm not sure, as I've never had RPG Maker XP, but I'm pretty sure that this...
  19. Sparkbomber

    Going beyond the 48x48 grid

    Okay, long story short: I and a few other folks have been busy on a nifty game, originally in VX@, but we've moved on to MV. The thing is though, we want to use very cute sprites that exceed the standard 48x48 pixels and... Well, let's just say that even with parallax mapping its still a bit of...
  20. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    How do I edit the Yanfly Battle Engine Hud?

    Hi everyone, I'm using Yanfly Ace and the Battle Engine as scripts in my game.  I noticed that the combat hud that is diplayed on the bottom of the screen during the players turn has a lot of room on the right of the commands: Attack Magic Guard Items Here is a picture (the first one)...

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